No One Is An Island

Connecting individuals for optimum team potential

Developing survival strategies through participating in simple physical initiative exercises in a ‘deserted island’ environment to achieve effective teamwork.

Program concept

As much as we may believe that ‘no one is an island’ in theory, it can be very difficult to put aside individual needs and concerns and facilitate positive teamwork in reality. Teams that find constructive ways to manage differences – and in fact use these as a source of strength – reach better results faster. By recognizing the positive benefits of delegating individual roles within a team and then setting up tools for communication between these roles to share information, greater potential can be realized. 


  • A fun and focused way to understand and utilize different roles within a team.
  • Engages participants in a series of simple physical "Island Hopping" initiative exercises, encouraging them to explore forms of communication and interaction and then providing the opportunity to analyze these in the context of the regular work environment.
  • As each team completes each challenge, they must collect resources that will help them to survive, thus also helping them to prioritize and look at planning and leadership issues.
  • This program is designed to build group morale and ensure positive group awareness for working together successfully.

Program Outcomes

Encouraging team awareness
Developing teamwork strategies
Practicing team development tools

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.