Lateral Sports

Personal Coaching. Discovering winning principles.

Lateral Sports ™ is an interactive sports challenge which assists with finding the "links" between personal competence and performance.

Program concept

Business is not an individual game. Everyone in the organization and the organization as a whole is affected by individual choices, decisions and performance. The Lateral Sports ™ program helps individuals to discover the impact of their choices and explore ways to improve personal competence through positive thought strategies.


  • Reveals dynamic principles that can be applied in people’s personal and working lives.
  • The program provides a unique opportunity to enhance the way sport is played and at the same time improve approaches to business.
  • By harnessing simple but powerful mind techniques, complete novices and more advanced players alike can learn how to improve technical skills, develop mental strategies and achieve specific outcomes for success.

Program Outcomes

Motivation for maximizing potential
Developing mental strategies
Practicing strategies

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.