Factor X

Building team awareness

A fun reality game show-like program with simple mental and physical team building exercises.

Program concept

We don’t often stop to think about what affects team performance, and yet failing to do so can have detrimental effects. By isolating the factors that make or break teams – the 'X' factors – it is possible to focus on developing these in a more strategic way. The Factor 'X'™ program provides the opportunity to find the principles and ‘secrets’ to effective team development and practice these.


  • An introductory team-building program for exploring the basic principles required for good team performance.
  • The program has a fun, reality game-show format that challenges groups to explore a number of different areas of team development in order to develop solutions to the riddle to discover that elusive ‘Factor X’ that makes all the difference!
  • In this game, a giant ‘X’ is placed in the centre of the game area to define the territories set for each challenge and to remind the ‘contestants’ of the quest they are to complete.
  • The challenges are divided into three categories (Attitude, Approach and Action), and each team of contestants must complete the set challenges within the given time limit.

Program Outcomes

Understanding the basic importance of team building concepts
Developing effective communication
Creative problem solving

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.