Strategic planning for survival

Jungle themed initiative activities involving tribal competitors which focus on learning effective planning and multi-tasking to achieve set goals.

Program concept

In the current highly competitive corporate environment, it takes more than stamina to survive. Focused strategy planning and execution are the ingredients for keeping ahead, and the ability to adapt and be flexible to cope with changes as they arise is the catalyst. Through learning to implement strategies that adapt as circumstances require, it is possible to master and maintain a competitive edge.


  • Tribal teams are required to find the last of an endangered animal species and bring it safely back to base camp in the local team ‘village’.
  • Each team has to prove their wisdom and courage to the tribal elders, locate and rescue the animals, and collect the necessary supplies before engaging in a final battle to protect their endangered animals from other tribes.
  • The ability to adapt and the special skills of time and resource management are the keys to success in this exercise.

Program Outcomes

Recognizing the need for strategic thinking and planning
Setting and achieving goals while coping with change
Trialing constructive leadership behaviors

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.