The Creative Appliance Project (CAP)

The Creative Appliance Project (CAP) intelligent team building

Cooking up values driven results

Designing, building and marketing a new appliance in an ‘Apprentice’ style project which focuses on finding the identifying features of the organization and representing them through the product.

This program is available as a face to face session AND in digital format interactive webinar and gamified workshop.

Program concept

How recognizable are companies without their logos? Successful contemporary organizations recognize the importance of building a strong corporate identity and culture at the core. Using the popular new approach to building successful company/brand development known as the ‘high concept approach’, teams learn to harness their creative skills and demonstrate how identity can shape brand image internally and externally. Through the process individuals and teams develop the capacity to detect patterns that create emotional and artistic beauty by combining seemingly unrelated ideas into something new and practical.


  • Teams are required to design a ‘larger than life’ product, decide on the product equity, source materials, construct the appliance, and market, brand and pitch their product.
  • The team that most successfully delivers will be the team that can seamlessly transfer their company’s vision, mission and values – also its branding – into this product and still keep the essence of the company alive.
  • Teamwork qualities are recognized and celebrated through the successful allocation of roles and implementation of plans – and ultimately through the presentation of special awards.

Program Outcomes

Connecting the core values of the organization with organizational image through personal engagement.
Creating strategies for communicating the organizational core values and vision through its products &/or services
Demonstrating effective combined outcomes and team performance through positive role division and execution

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.