The Community Construction Challenge (Impact)

Practical culture-to-culture development

A program which encourages positive supporting values by building equipment and/or structures for developing communities in need.

Program concept

Organizational culture is built over time according to the values that are espoused and practiced. So defining and shaping these values appropriately is vital for positive organizational development. Where there is a value system that promotes proactive support and initiative, these principles will then drive the organization forward. Real progress can be made through teaching people how to be aware of others’ needs and support others in practical ways. By creating a context for open acceptance and providing the structure for transformation, real impact is possible.


  • The ultimate authentic leadership and team building program. A unique IMPACT program (an Innovative Management Project for Assisting with Community Transition), which revolves around an actual on-site building experience.
  • Building challenges can include building playgrounds for schools and orphanages, building latrine buildings – even building whole houses! The challenge is for teams to coordinate how they are going to work in partnership with communities in need to contribute to literally build the structure.
  • For the project the group is required to travel to a developing area to assist a local community, and will work alongside the local people in completing the project. An integrated briefing and debriefing process opens up discussions at many levels including:
    • The country context and the needs of the local community
    • The building process, and how this can be effectively coordinated and communicated within a team
    • Contemporary corporate issues and challenges and how it is possible to learn about these from the experience (the process parallels the outcomes to maximize impact and results)

Program Outcomes

Building awareness of the need for practical support systems
Creating systems for support through times of change
Learning about the need for support through helping others

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.