Program participants will learn to:

  • Understand the difficulties teams face when put in high pressure situations
  • Learn the value of issue management (proactive ways to prevent crises)
  • Understand how ethics and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibly) impact on the bottom line of business.
  • Acknowledge, plan for and manage issues and crises
  • Identify crisis situations and their consequences and the way people behave
  • Share information effectively for better problem solving.
  • Understand individual and team strengths and weaknesses in a crisis situation.
  • Assess personal ability to acknowledge, plan for and manage a crisis

  • Identify attitude to manage stress levels in crisis situations

  • Observe communication style most effective for crisis problem solving

  • Recognize individual and team strengths and weaknesses for crisis management

  • Appreciate mindset required to manage the crisis problem itself

  • Understand need to be creative to deal with new business realities

  • Know what pressure media groups are under

  • Gauge problems in managing public perception


Simulation Kit

Based on actual media reports, over 600 cards cover real life scenarios, weave a complex story creating 100's of variables.

Catch Me if you Dare™ is available in packaged kit form, for groups or trainers to purchase and use.

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.