Can 12 organizations with different cultures... beliefs... ethics and business practices solve a mystery and survive an international crisis?

About the Program

Catch Me if you Dare is a unique reality role play/simulation program designed by TIRIAN to assist with understanding the issues associated with crisis, issue and reputation management. Based on fact, it covers a range of actual events that have affected the region recently.

As an energetic interactive simulation exercise that plays out a complex mystery ‘whodunit’ plot, 'Catch Me if you Dare' is a valuable tool for helping develop an awareness of present issues and promotes dialogue about them, so that individuals and organisations can be better equipped to proactively deal with the future.

Learning From The Present to Prepare for The Future

In this clever blend of fact and fiction, groups must race against time to identify international disasters, find their causes, and try to deal with them. Touching on such pertinent issues as terrorism, epidemic diseases, computer crime, environmental disasters and biological warfare, this dramatic exercise encourages people to work together to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

The key to success is in the ability for individuals and small teams (countries) to work with the whole group (the international community) to deal with the issues presented. Crisis management, globalization, ethics, values, leadership, cross cultural differences... these subjects and many more are tackled head on in this fast paced realistic scenario.

Simulation Kit

Based on actual media reports, over 600 cards cover real life scenarios, weave a complex story creating 100's of variables.

Catch Me if you Dare™ is available in packaged kit form, for groups or trainers to purchase and use.

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.