Can 12 organizations with different cultures... beliefs... ethics and business practices solve a mystery and survive an international crisis?

Through the program, participants will be given the opportunity to enter the futuristic world of twelve fictional representative organizations, located in four major regional ‘confederations’.

These organizations include:

  • A large corporate biotech company struggling to keep its stockholders happy, and now convinced that their new genetically modified crops will save poorer countries from starvation and make them richer than they could possibly imagine.
  • A multinational drug company that has been too slow to get their products to the market due to tight government regulations, but which now has the opportunity to contribute to the saving of lives and make a tidy profit in the process. If only they are willing to keep a secret...
  • A government department responsible for the health of a conservative state run confederation, which must keep control over more than 1 billion people and stop panic amongst the masses as a killer disease threatens to sweep through the confederation.
  • A local peasant farmer's association, which must deal with the pressure from larger organizations and government bodies when individuals' livelihoods may be threatened.
  • A tourism board that has launched a new multimillion dollar tourism campaign just as the confederation is exposed to a dreadful new threat
  • A group of activists who believe that GM crops and drug companies are destroying the world in order to make a profit, but who are themselves being labeled as terrorists
  • A worldwide health authority, responsible for monitoring and supporting health initiatives around the world
  • A hospital that must deal with a large outbreak of a new killer disease and must painstakingly and methodically track - in the midst of mayhem - this killer disease back to the first carrier.
  • A world-wide media organization that must learn to deal with the need for a balance between power and responsibility.
  • A “new age” natural therapy centre trying to offer alternative approaches to health in a world dominated by large corporations.

The key to success is in the ability for individuals and small teams (countries/confederations) to work with the whole group (the international community) to deal with the issues presented. Crisis and issue management, corporate social responsibility, ethics, values, leadership, cross cultural differences... these subjects and many more are tackled head on in this fast paced realistic scenario.


Role Play Kit

Based on actual media reports, over 600 cards covering the first half of 2003, weave a complex story creating 100's of variables.

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.