“Interest in disaster preparedness is proportional to the recency and magnitude of the last disaster.” Pata

By using simulation and placing individuals in specific roles, there is the opportunity to explore reactions and responses to crisis. The exercise provides the impetus for taking action, and gives direction in how to go about planning for specific situations – helping to develop teams prior to an unforeseen event.  When it comes to CSR, issues and crisis management, it’s quite clear that it is not the knowledge that we lack, but the ability to act on this knowledge.

Through reality role plays such as this one, "practice fields" or "virtual worlds" are created that ensure that there is a safe environment for discussing ideas. In this exercise the complexities of the everyday working environment can be simplified and analyzed, and actions and attitudes that cannot be reversed or taken back in the real world can be re-tried countless times in a protected environment.


Role Play Kit

Based on actual media reports, over 600 cards covering the first half of 2003, weave a complex story creating 100's of variables.

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.