Managing crisis

A realistic, fast paced and intellectually demanding simulation exercise designed to promote dialogue and assist individuals with understanding the issues related to crisis and reputation management.

Program concept

When faced by an unexpected crisis, some individuals rise to the occasion while others fall apart. Recognizing the ways people behave under pressure and knowing how to manage the different needs and expectations can make the difference between a crisis and a catastrophe. Catch Me if you Dare™ reveals the stresses that teams face when put in intense situations, thus developing the ability to identify crisis situations and the consequences on behavior. Individuals learn to share information effectively and develop plans for managing crisis related issues.


  • Can organizations with different cultures, beliefs, ethics and business practices solve a mystery and survive an international crisis? This program is a unique business reality role-play program designed by TIRIAN to assist with understanding crisis and reputation management as well as the general concept of corporate social responsibility.
  • With actual media reports, 12 ‘organizations’ from a variety of cultural and organizational backgrounds need to learn to work together to survive a crisis and solve a mystery. Several hundred information cards weave a complex story creating many action opportunities.
  • Based on fact but with a clever fictional twist, the intellectually demanding exercise covers a range of actual events.  Catch Me if you Dare' is an energetic interactive simulation with a complex mystery plot, and a valuable tool for creating issues awareness and promoting dialogue.
  • Touching on such pertinent issues as terrorism, epidemics, computer crime, environmental disasters, biological warfare, and GMOs, this dramatic exercise encourages people to work together to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Program Outcomes

Understanding the need for crisis awareness and preparedness
Developing strategies for managing individuals and teams in crisis situations
Leading individuals and teams through crisis situations

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.