Solving the mystery

Whodunit™ is a hilarious murder mystery session run by professional actors in which participants work together in teams to solve the mystery and learn more about themselves and others in the process.

Program concept

Personal and group awareness are essential skills for authentic development. Knowing how you behave in different environments, as well appreciating how your behaviors affect others, is a key to real learning and growth. This program allows individuals to experiment with different ways of thinking and behaving in a light-hearted and non-threatening way. By pushing the boundaries of normal social expectations and norms, people have the opportunity to reflect on the ways we perceive ourselves and others and how these can be best managed to achieve positive outcomes.


  • A unique interactive mystery for any number of people based on a variety of exciting themes.
  • Led by professional actors, who take the group through the process of solving a mystery.
  • Fascinating scenarios are blended with side-splitting comedy.
  • In the indoor section of the program teams and individuals arrive as predetermined characters ready for challenges. During the excitement, witnesses are questioned, red herrings are introduced and everyone gets to be a detective in solving the crime.
  • The outdoor section takes participants on a tour through the ‘crime scene’ through following clues. The participants become the suspects by playing the various characters as the story unfolds.
  • A fast and funny experience, where you will definitely see another side of your work colleagues and have the chance to learn something together in an unusual context. 

Program Outcomes

Raising awareness of self and others
Recognizing roles and responsibilities as an individual in the context of a team
Learning about the power of working with others

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.