Dimension 1 Program Outline: Team Building & Simulations

Tirian's Intelligent Team Building Programs (Dimension 1) List

Dimension 1: Team building and simulations


Program Outcomes

Program Description

Team Building Program: On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice

Dealing with the pressures faced by diverse teams in challenging scenarios - creating common perspectives and language to streamline communication across barriers

A dramatic themed program that simulates an expedition to Antarctica to look at the effects of pressure on teams

Team Building Program: On Shifting Sands

On Shifting Sands

The desert challenge for contemporary teams. Is the future of the new team 'on shifting sands'? Contemporary teams face increasingly difficult challenges and require extra cohesion.

An exciting themed program challenge that simulates an expedition across the desert to look at the effects of pressure on diverse teams. (Note: this program is the outdoor version of "On Thin ICE")

Team Building Program: Village Celebrations

Village Celebrations

Identifying the elements of community and defining corporate identity and building community support within the organization

An opportunity to explore the dimensions of corporate culture and community through recreating the elements of a unified authentic Balinese celebration