Business Outcomes

Tirian programs address a number of business issues and offer practical solutions in the following areas:

Business Issues and outcomes:


Business Issues clients may face

Business Outcomes tirian programs address


Lack of motivation and engagement

Motivation and engagement for improved performance

Low morale

Increased morale

Poor accountability

Greater commitment and accountability

Inadequate emotional competence

Great emotional intelligence

Inferior planning and organization

Improved planning and organization (time management, goal setting, decision making etc)

Lack of originality with ideas

Innovative thinking and problem solving


Disconnected teams

Alignment for productive interpersonal interaction

Silo mentality

Collaborative mentality

Destructive communication

Effective communication

Lack of vision and coordination

Team synergy and alignment of goals

Cross cultural issues

Harnessing diversity

Virtual team issues

Effective virtual team management

Inability to work collaboratively to solve problems

Collaborative ideas generation and problem solving


Customer disconnection

Proactive sales / customer service / relationship management

Inefficient processes and systems

Innovative process redesign

Disconnection between organizational vision/mission/values and branding/image/sales

Authentic external and internal alignment

Transitional issues (mergers, acquisitions, new teams etc)

Change management

Lack of effective leadership

Empowering leadership development

Unclear direction

Strategic planning

Uncoordinated project management

Coordinated project management

A lack of preparedness for facing risks and crises

Crisis, reputation and risk management