Team Building & Leadership Programs and Services

Tirian's team building & leadership programs and services are offered at three levels, or dimensions.

Dimension 1: Experiential Programs

Motivating experiential programs including themed business simulations and team building

Our JUSTIFIED FUN™ Experiential Programs are a highly creative and motivating discovery process The themed approach to each program ensures they are memorable, engaging and inspirational experiences. With dramatic impact and effective debriefing, the experiences are transferred back to the organization. (Ideal for conferences).

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Dimension 2: Exploration Programs

Dynamic interactive keynote addresses, workshops and seminars with a strong outcomes focus

Our STRENGTH TO STRENGTH ™ Exploration Programs are stimulating learning experiences. By focusing on maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses in individuals and teams as well as providing the skills to learn and grow, a simple and practical change process is introduced.

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Dimension 3: Extension Programs

Consultancy, coaching and facilitation for effective integration back into the organization

Our INTEGRAL™ Extension Programs facilitate strategic individual and organizational change, and ensure the appropriate transfer of learning over the long term.

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Tirian's programs and services provide synchronized professional solutions

  • These programs can work effectively as both independent modules and integrated program plans to meet specific needs and reach relevant outcomes. We offer a comprehensive integrated development system for effectively identifying and addressing specific organizational needs and concerns. Through identifying what the organization needs and matching these needs with dynamic learning experiences, we are able to facilitate positive change. Please visit Customized Solutions.
  • All programs are designed by educational professionals who know how to ensure outcomes are reached. The multi-dimensional approach ensures development processes are coordinated and effectively filter through to all levels of the organization. More information about our unique approach.

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