Vijhai Utheyan

Vijhai Utheyan provides business support services for Tirian, including supporting legal, financial and general administration and logistics needs. Vijhai has years of experience working in a range of sectors providing executive level support. He has organised and led the teams behind national conferences and international events, and he has worked closely with the Australian legal industry to facilitate and conduct presentations and workshops. Through these roles, Vijhai has developed a broad range of leadership skills, and he now sits on various boards that provide advice to CEOs, government departments and state ministers. He has worked closely with multiple NGOs through to large corporate organisations and has been involved in the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Start-Ups team, which provides training on innovation and entrepreneurship. In his role with Tirian, Vijhai has assisted with bringing fresh ideas to developing business needs, along with competently supporting international keynote presentations and client development events.