Sowmya Sampath

Sowmya SampathSomy has 12 years' experience working for leading HR consulting and recruitment companies in the United States. During this period, Somy assisted multiple Fortune 500 companies with their global talent acquisition & retention programs, sales & marketing strategy planning, presentation skills and crisis management. As a business enabler, she has led HR process improvements, technology adoption and cultural change management, thereby boosting the impacted organizations' corporate functions.

Also being a small business entrepreneur herself, Somy has translated her passion by assisting start-ups in an advisory role on various areas, including business strategy, new market penetration, risk management and assisted with private/corporate event planning.

Her extensive experience in leading sales teams, business development and process improvement & implementation has given her first hand awareness of the challenges teams and leaders face on a daily basis. She is passionate about sharing knowledge, and is known as a dynamic leader and team builder, consistently motivating others toward success.

Somy has an M.A in Interdisciplinary Studies (majored in International Communications) from the George Mason University, USA and a B.A in Psychology from the University of Bombay. After 14 years in the United States, Somy moved to Singapore in 2010 to gain valuable Asia-Pacific experience and strengthen her network in the region.

Base: in Asia
Language: English