Different Presentation Methods

Conference and Keynote Speakers

Tirian’s Conference and Keynote Presenters have original material about an area of expertise or tell about significant achievements they have made in a particular field. They can present their material in an interesting, engaging and stimulating way, reaching cynics and interested people alike.

For this reason keynote speakers fees are the higher than facilitators' and trainers' fees.


Facilitators provide stimulus to encourage the group to discover the answers. Since reflection is the key to deeper learning that leads to more lasting change, anything that a "facilitator" does to enhance reflection before, during, or after an experience is called "facilitation".

The central purposes of facilitation are to:

  1. Enhance the quality of the learning experience
  2. To assist clients in finding directions and sources for functional change, and
  3. To create changes that are lasting and transferable.

Facilitators need to be very skilled in working with group dynamics as what they work with is "live" and "fluid". They need to be able to deal with difficult people and win them over to positive participation. Facilitators keep the environment conducive for self discovery – such as through using experiential learning methods. They assist with the process of education.

For this reason facilitator’s fees and experiential learning programs are the higher than trainer's fees.


Trainers refer to existing material or tell you stories about other people. Thus trainers must be good communicators and perhaps technical experts but are not originators or the source of their own knowledge. Training is about developing a specific skill set, imparting knowledge (while education is about developing skills for ongoing learning and enquiry). Training might teach people what or how to do something with little emphasis on why it is the case.

For this reason trainer’s fees are the lowest of the three categories.