Specialist Keynote Speakers and Topics

Tirian keynote presenters are chosen for their fascinating specialist topics, and all present in Tirian's dynamic interactive style. Choose by topic or by region according to your need. Tirian's own signature keynotes can be found here, here and here. Tirian's own keynote speakers page can be found here.

Inventing the future through innovative leadership and team development

Andrew Grant: Tirian Director and Organizational Dynamics Consultant.
In his role as a Tirian director, Andrew presents on a range of leadership and team development issues in a highly motivating way - drawing from his broad experience in working with a wide range of Fortune 500 organizations and cultures and fascinating factual research into contemporary business issues.

(Andrew's presentations complement the full range of Tirian D1, D2 and D3 programs.)

Life balance and personal engagement and empowerment

Gaia Grant: Tirian Director, Author and Human Dynamics Consultant
Tirian director and Author of 'A Patch of Paradise', Gaia shares through inspiring personal stories about finding a life balance through developing 'full engagement' principles. (Gaia's presentation complements the ' Finding a Rhythm' D2 seminar and a broad range of other D1, D and D3 programs)

Motivation for reaching maximum potential

John Harvey: Survivor and World Champion
A former TV station owner and writer for LA Law, John’s life was transformed through surviving terminal cancer. Now a medal winning international sports champion and Olympic competitor and coach, John shares his secrets to persevering and reaching maximum potential. (John’s presentation complements the full range of Tirian D1, D2 and D3 programs, particularly the ’Ultimate Optimism’ program .)

Insight into realizing creative potential

Gregory Burns: Artistic and sports high achiever
Creative. Despite contracting polio early in life, Gregory has gone on to achieve highly as a Paralympics champion and extraordinarily talented artist. Gregory now teaches others how to recognize their own talents and potential through creative workshops. (Gregory’s presentation complements Tirian’s D2 program ‘The Creative Connection’.)

Inspiration for implementing personal change

Thaddeus Lawrence
Thaddeus is best known for being one of only 87 individuals in the world to have successfully raced 1,000 kilometres in the hottest, coldest, windiest and driest deserts on earth, including the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica. Thaddeus is passionate about empowering individuals to live with purpose and enhance their performance. His strengths include building resilience, a winning mindset, self-leadership and confident communication.

Creative systems expert

Bruce Alexander

Bruce Alexander: Inventor and innovator
Bruce creative talents have taken his career in directions as diverse as an international music director and branding expert. Bruce now offers tips on creative ways to develop leadership potential, specializing in developing leaders in the financial sector. (Bruce presentation complements the ‘Inspiring Leadership’ and ‘Creative Connection’ D2 seminars.)


Entertaining success

Daryl Lovegrove

Daryl Lovegrove: Entrepreneur and award-winning performer

Darryl combines his compelling business-success story with live singing performances to deliver a presentation that inspires, motivates and truly engages the audience.


Strategic Implementation

Robin Speculand: Strategic implementation consultant
A specialist in the implementation of strategies and initiatives into organizations, Robyn is able to lead groups towards positive whole organization performance. Robyn’s energetic and motivating presentation style assists the group with identifying major challenges and achievements in implementing change processes. (Robyn’s presentation complements Tirian’s D2 programs ‘Mission Possible’ and ‘Building the Corporate Village’)