Dr. David Tai

Dr David H. TaiDavid H. Tai is Director of Executive Education in Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. His mission is to be a change agent in developing innovative organizations for sustained growth through innovation, change, and globalization. David was Chief Talent Officer in the IBM Growth Markets Unit Headquarter. He was responsible in defining and executing an integrated talent management strategy for 6 regions and 148 countries globally. He spent 8 years teaching in colleges in China and in the U.S., 4 years working in AT&T in the U.S., and 12 years in IBM in multiple countries with various responsibilities in all aspects of talent development enabling double digit business growth through innovation, change, and globalization.

He created many of the IBM talent related solutions with 2 patents and 2 copyrights. Today, to achieve his mission of innovative organizations, David has set his goal to "develop millions to benefit billions" through Accelerated Education, Accelerated Experience, and Accelerated Exposure combined with innovative technologies and ecosystem for self-organizing, self-managing and self-innovating organizations. Accredited partner and the translator of the Mandarin version of "Who Killed Creativity?" book. David's passion is to ensure the slogan "made in China" can be changed to "Innovated in China". David formerly was an IBM executive and was involved in the international IBM Creativity survey. EN Mand - Based in Shanghai / USA

Base: in Shanghai / USA
Language: English and Mandarin

Dr David H. Tai China Team Building Review Video