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Bruce AlexanderBruce Alexander MA (Macquarie) Grad Dip CELTA (Cambridge) is an internationally recognised creative thinker and a contributor to Tirian programs. Bruce created international advertising campaigns for ABN Amro Bank and Ferrari and is one of few Australians to compose an advertising jingle used worldwide. He is described by Macquarie University's Professor Robert Hunt as 'possessing a unique grasp of the often-bewildering subject of human imagination and rare insight into inventiveness". Bruce shares with rare authenticity and a wealth of practical experience the secrets to boosting business imagination and corporate creativity. Bruce addressed a live audience of 7,000 at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table experience in Tokyo where his presentation was rated the highlight of the event. His journeys into the world of high creativity leave a lasting impact on executives and senior management seeking to apply more of their own imagination.

Bruce Alexander is based in Sydney, Australia

Bruce Alexander Favourite topics:

  • Unlocking Creativity: How to harness the power of creativity and use it to your advantage
  • The Hidden Persuaders: Creating client demand in the post-selling era, and remaining influential now that selling is out of fashion.

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Bruce Alexander talks about "Being Original"
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