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Andrew's clients include:

Duke University, Genpack, Tech Mahindra, Baker & McKenzie, Daimler, Mercedes Benz, Estee Lauder, Cisco Systems, Janssen, Carl Ziess, 3M, Coke, Fuji Xerox, Singtel, Optus. AT&T, Aman Resorts, Accenture, BASF, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, DHL, Citigroup, Cisco Systems, E&Y, Four Seasons Hotels, GSK, HP, IBM, MTV, PWC, Reuters, Starwood Hotels, TNT & YPO.


Client's Feedback

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“My reflections of what you deliver to companies like us is the combination of the theme, which was fantastic, the experience you have in your team, and the atmosphere you create in the room which is great fun. That all brings to us a relevance to our business with the issues that we struggle with day-to-day.”
David Overall
CEO Downer EDi Mining

"Extremely well received, with some great takeaways."
Hong Kong

"You brought learning to life"
Joann Patrick Ezzell
CEO AT&T Asia / Pac

"Andrew always presents the positive BUT also strongly encourages individuals to directly address issues in a non conflict way. It is very hard to do this and make it work. Andrew did this brilliantly."
Cisco Systems

"You gave us compelling ideas that are worthwhile for use in our marketing.
General Manager / SenVP Consumer Products Disney Asia/Pac

"A totally impressive program. I was amazed at how you got my team to openly discuss issues and address our needs to drive change."
Director of Marketing BPD Asia

"Top marks for helping us to achieve our key strategic initiatives."