Andrew Grant: Highlights, Accolades & Independent Ratings


LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: Inventing the Future Keynote Talk

“The highest feedback of the whole program”

ABOUT: Andrew Grant was invited to speak on Leadership in the Middle East, presenting to over 2000 participants and sharing the stage & a panel discussion with Stephen Covey, Jonas Ridderstrale and Bob Nelson.

COMMENTS: "I've spent 12 years on the speaker's circuit working with the biggest name speakers in the world. Andrew's talk today was one of the best I've ever seen, and by far the best at this conference. He left the audience spellbound for more than 90 mins straight." See more on this on Youtube.


YPO Global Leadership Conference: Keynote Talk ‘Inventing the Future’

Rating for keynote 9.01 out of 10 (one of the highest achieved)

ABOUT: GLC (Global Leadership Conference for all YPO and WPO members) This conference was especially important as it was the forum for the inaugural merger discussions between YPO and WPO, to help both organisations look at how they can become more streamlined through the merger process. The Regional Officers workshop consisted of the top 80 members (including the incoming and outgoing chairman and regional officers).

COMMENTS: “I am pleased to announce that the ROW in Sydney was a resounding success. We had a rating of 9.01. Special mention must go to our resource Andrew for his superb presentation on the "Inventing the future" sessions, and keeping us through our pace throughout the day. ”
Richard Hoon ROW Chairperson GLC Sydney 2008


YPO Creative Connection rating: 9.5 out of 10

Overall Resource Assessment (9.4) Knowledge of Subject Matter (9.6) Engagement of Audience (9.5)

ABOUT: Passionate about the importance of this topic, the Education chair from one of the YPO regional groups was keen to arrange a seminar on creativity and innovation for all members. Rather than taking the more formal Harvard Professor approach, the event chair decided to engage Tirian for their more interactive and engaging approach.

COMMENTS: “Very engaging / Great experience sharing / Creative Stimulation / Learning by experiencing / Interaction with other members / Interactive/learning about other industries / Working on my company issues using what was learnt / Good framework for understanding a topic that is hard to pin down in general..”


IT & CMA Keynote speakers award: ‘Inventing the Future’ & the ‘Rhythm of Life’

We applaud the ingenuity and innovative efforts of our delegates who have delighted us with a banquet of exciting social functions, keynotes, workshop and promotions. These awards for people who have demonstrated corporate social responsibility to promote sustainable tourism, earning the honour of being crown the Champion at this year's Sticky Awards!

ABOUT: “Attended by some 2,000 delegates from more than 60 countries every year, the 19th IT&CMA is the premier trade exhibition promoting the Asian region as a MICE destination as well as a market for MICE visitors”. Visit IT&CMA Sticky Awards 2010 >

COMMENTS: “Brilliant and very relevant to the participants.”


Speakers Showcase

ABOUT: Andrew was one of many speakers to present a showcase of their speaking skills at a Speakers Bureau showcase event.. 'Who Killed Creativity?'

COMMENTS: "Your session was rated highest of all speakers" Organiser


Learning Technologies Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference: Who Killed Creativity?

The incubation years educational version

ABOUT: Andrew & Gaia Grant were invited to speak to 100+ principals, teachers and board members of the Catholic Education Office in Sydney. This group of participants combined reached over 17000 students. The topic was on creativity and technology in the educational environment. A special 'Who Killed Creativity?' CS keynote was designed with a strong educational focus. (Organised through Ovations Speakers Bureau Sydney )

COMMENTS: "Your session was rated highest in the evaluation survey - which was not surprising!" Sherryn Moore, Education Officer.


Four Seasons Hotels International Management Conference
Andrew & Gaia Grant were chosen to speak as the only external presenters for the Four Seasons Hotels International Management Conference to the 150 executives including the CEO, Executive Leadership team and all Four Seasons GMs and RVPs. (The bar was set high, with previous speakers including John Cleese and Jim Collins). The chosen session was based on their book "Who Killed Creativity? and how can we get it back" with a strong hospitality focus. It was a 3 hour interactive keynote that was fast paced making sure all were activity involved.

UBS international conference
Chosen from all UBS worldwide partners Andrew Grant & Robin Speculand presented the Creative Connection keynote to the top 100 UBS international bankers in London to assist with their global strategies.

"Top marks for helping us to achieve our key strategic initiatives."
UBS London

Keynote talk on Dynamic Interaction to 350 new business leaders and high potentials from Asia Pac.

General Electric
Andrew and Gaia Grant gave a half day keynote to over 100 GE Lawyers and were bold enough to challenge them on work life balance and mental resistance.

Andrew Grant and John Harvey presented a half day to 80 Citi group leaders in HK on mental resilience.
“Extremely well received, with some great takeaways."
Citigroup  Hong Kong

 “Catch Me if you Dare”  a mix of a business simulation and keynote talk was experienced by the top 100 business leaders in IBM challenging them on  leadership in crisis situations.

IHG (Intercon hotels and resorts)
Building the corporate Village was delivered to over 250 hotel GMs, challenging them on the importance of creating a community with in their company.

Deutsche Bank
Andrew has presented numerous keynotes to Deutsche Bank on team and leadership development. Including Auditing and Global Markets divisions.

The Creative Connection was presented to the top tier executives from  Heineken (Athenian Brewery) to help them be a proactive creative &  innovative company.

Colgate Palmolive
The leaders a story teller was delivered to the key business leaders from ColPal. Andrew was chosen to present this keynote over a swathe of international ‘celebrity’ speakers.

“We especially liked that Andrew got us thinking about how to act more passionate about what we do and how to motivate our teams with this passion.” (ColPal)

Barclays Private Banking
For the last 5 years Barclays Wealth management has often trusted Andrew to deliver sessions to their most important clients throughout Asia.

American Creativity Association
Andrew received the special contributors award for his work with ACA on creative thinking.