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Matching motivation and needs
Tirian's programs involve the deliberate use of action events and facilitated reflection to bring about lasting change and learning. Tirian doesn't just provide training, Tirian also educates.
We believe it is possible to have fun and learn at the same time – that is why we say our programs are “Justified Fun”. Intelligent in content and stimulating in approach, there are a range of unique event style and training style programs that can readily be adapted to suit each client’s needs. Here is how we have recently integrated and adapted some of our more popular programs to specifically meet the client’s requirements…



Deutsche bank DiSC programs throughout Asia  
Deutsche Bank has asked Andrew Grant to head up a team of trainers to take some of their teams in Asia (including Hong Kong, China and Singapore) through the DiSC model in a series of team development training programs. Participants obviously appreciate the fact that they can see their company has made staff development a priority by offering these programs and following through on them.

"The nature of our job often means that we work in a very stressful environment. The DiSC program has given me the chance to understand how I can work more effectively with my team. This means that when the pressure is on we don’t fall apart but rather bring out the strengths in each other… It has helped me work better with my staff by reducing stress levels - I can even see the ramifications in my marriage."

A number of trainers in our Tirian team have advanced DiSC training qualifications and can teach the behavioural model in a stimulating context.

"A rewarding, refreshing, and useful course. The company will benefit from the team building by becoming more motivated, focused and having better team work."  

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300+ New Executives from all over Asia, Australia and Japan participated in the inaugural Sultan’s Quest program in KL. The central issue addressed was the need for Asia to learn to acknowledge the diversity of cultures and for multinational companies to use this as a strength. We focused on building leadership models specifically suited to the Asian culture, those that create exponential leadership growth rather than reinforcing current models, which often result in leaders just spending their time in crisis management. The program included a busy week of training, team building and a keynote address.

 “I found out more about team dynamics, which was my expectation for the program. It was an energetic exercise with just enough unknowns to push us outside of our comfort zone and enough of a goal and clearly defined deliverables to focus us as a group.” Executive Manager, Australia

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Tirian ran an extensive THIRD DIMENSION PROGRAM in Singapore  for Cisco Systems, who have already established a strong desire for continual improvement and ongoing learning and growth. The integration of Tirian’s THIRD DIMENSION PROGRAMS made the learning experience very powerful. Cisco’s team leader knows from past experience with Tirian programs that investing a few days in developing the team will contribute to team productivity and satisfaction in the future. Here’s how the program is designed and integrated for maximum effect:

- Dimension 1: “Camera Crew” Team Building Exercise. A great way to learn about the team’s roles and values, this exercise helps teams to focus and learn to work towards a common goal.

- Dimension 2: “Team Transformation” Workshops. Individuals learn to use their unique personalities to bring out each person’s strengths and start to work as a team.

- Dimension 3: “One/On/One” Coaching before, dunring and after the program. Through individualised DiSC profiling and One on One interviews, specific recommendations and follow up were given for implementation back into the workplace.

TNT in Japan: 3D integrated program “Good to Great”
TNT’s CEO invited his country managers from the region – from India through to Australia – to meet in Japan to strengthen their team. He asked Tirian to design a 4 day program to consolidate the team, and Tirian came up with a solid educational integrated program. This included Tirian’s “’Lateral Golf’, ‘The Sky is Not the Limit’, ‘Teamography’ and plenty of formal and informal facilitation along with a keynote talk on ‘Good to Great’ Leadership. Programs were designed to get the team working through issues effectively, so by the final day they could successfully focus on action planning for the year. One measure of the success of the program was the fact that some of the formal facilitation sessions that began early in the afternoon continued into the late hours of the night!

The regional offices of the prestigious Baker and McKenzie law firm had a motivating afternoon at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali, participating in the Ramayana Rescue program. Three offices from the region combined their ideas and resources to come up with some excellent team results, and the program helped to ensure everyone got to know each other better and could work together more effectively.  

“A great program. The group worked brilliantly together and was highly motivated.”
International Partner Baker and McKenzie  

Baker and Mckenzie/hadiputranto, hadinoto and partners:
This leading law firm saw the value of asking Tirian’s team to run their annual conference, which aimed at helping the group identify change factors in the company and cope with those changes. Gaia and Yoke, along with special guest associate presenter Robin Speculand (Bridges), left a lasting impression ensuring that the program had consistency from the keynote to the "third dimension" analysis approach in the break out sessions, and team development activities.
More about Change Management www.tirian.com/3d/d3/index.htm 

  “I noted that in addition to arranging the framework of the programme and creating it,  Tirian was involved in lots of minor details necessary and important for the success of the program. Some organisers tend to overlook these small things while Tirian seriously cares for these as well as the quality of the programme. Robin was superb and amazing. I have attended hundred of public presentations. So far he is the best presenter (not one of the best but the best!” Organising Partner


As the sun set over Tanah Lot, Bali’s most famous island temple, an Exxon Mobil team from all over Asia was busily preparing for their unique village feast. The introduction of a new culture – “the Balinese way of life” – was the perfect metaphor for understanding what is involved in the merging of two cultures. It was a great way to learn to work together for the common good.

“A night we will never forget.”


Tirian’s best presenters combined their talents at the Regent Hotel in Sydney for one of the most spectacular 2 hour events of the month. Creatively themed by Hancock Events, and utilising a high tech AV team, 250 international Sun Microsystems participants were transported into outer space to explore what it means to really create a positive human network. Tirian’s  “The Sky is not the Limit” program helped the group appreciate what it means to be “One Sun”.

“You certainly had the WOW factor in there, we’ve never had anything like it before.”                 

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Andrew Grant recently trained the Four Seasons Exec Com in the latest DiSC programs. A great way to find out about a teams strengths and weaknesses and learn to work together. Now the number one resort in the world has gone that extra step to be able to ensure it's staff and guests receive the best possible level of commitment. The interactive learning and discussions help everyone including Andrew get closer to a understanding of what makes a high performance work team.

"It really helped us work together even under tough times"
Somok Dir F&B Four Seasons Resort


Citibank races towards a bright future
The Citibank Jakarta office, having weathered the last few years of the Indonesian crisis, is set to move forward to a positive future. On the grounds of the beautiful Sheraton Laguna Hotel in Bali, they recreated the Ramayana Story and crowned their new prince and princess.


The Deutsche Bank Jakarta team were taken away from their regular working environment and into a new dimension. The team spent a day learning to balance competition and cooperation, and focusing on how to improve their collaborative efforts.

“This really motivated us to trust our colleagues and realise that we can achieve more if we work as a team.”

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Tirian staff from Bali and KL joined together to provide senior management from around Asia Pacific the chance to explore tribal behaviours. Trading, mergers and acquisitions between the tribes led to some interesting discussions about the way people relate in the workplace.

“A good demonstrative example of working on team dynamics.”

Western Union: LEARNS CREATIVITY Sheraton Bali
Bruce Haddon and Andrew Grant teamed up with Pacific World’s Special Events  to provide a spectacular and integrated approach to Western Union's annual international conference at the Sheraton Bali. A combination of keynote speaking from Bruce and intelligent MCing and facilitation from Andrew constantly reinforced the important messages. With the theme CREATE, INNOVATE AND PERFORM, there was the perfect opportunity to motivate the 170 participants to continue to be at the cutting edge.
More about Keynotes www.tirian.com/3d/d2/keynotes.htm  www.tirian.com/3d/d2/creativity.htm
Audio on “Being Original”  www.tirian.com/audio/beingoriginal.mp3  (900KB)


Le Meridien Phuket’s executive team left the hotel in the hands of the supervisors and joined together for a weekend DiSC training session. Aiming to create a new hotel on a beautiful deserted island, although the team was challenged a little by 30 knot winds and driving rain, they were forced to come together with a united spirit and had a great learning experience.

“I learnt more about my team in 2 days than I would have in 2 years back in the workplace.”  General Manager

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So interested in Tirian’s creative styles of presenting ideas and the integration of fun and learning into one program, ACCENTURE Malaysia  invited Andrew Grant as their keynote speaker for their annual conference. He will be using the DiSC profiling model and looking at leadership issues for Asia through recognising the power of understanding the process of constructive communication in a program titled “Putting the “X”tra into the Ordinary: Creating extraordinary workteams.”

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Seagate in Kota Kinabalu
Seagate Technologies, the leading hard drive company, held their annual Asia Pacific sales conference in KK. The Tirian team consisted of Andrew Grant, Gaia Grant from Bali, Peta Nation (Singapore) and our production company from KL along with special guest speaker on Marketing Bruce Haddon from Australia. We were able to provide Seagate with a high level of quality input ranging from 2 large Team Building programs “The Sultans Quest” and “Endangered”, through to seminars on “Creative Marketing” and “Surfing the Waves of e-Commerce”. The chance to be a part of the entire conference was a great opportunity to get to know the group and understand the relevant issues for the company. Kota Kinabalu is a great new venue for conference and incentive programs, offering everything from adventure learning programs to great conference hotels… in particular the 2 experienced Shangri-La hotels and the attractive new Magellan Sutera.

“This was a great way to find out about ourselves, our team and our leaders. You gave great thought to the whole process.”
Don Kennedy   Vice President Sales Seagate Technology Asia  

Seagate Technologies India: being a leading organisation
Seagate India invited Andrew Grant to present a keynote talk to their partners on “Being a leading organisation”. Seagate leads the field in data storage, and it was vital that their partners saw the benefits of working together in a way that would promote market leadership.
Leadership www.tirian.com/3d/d2/action_leadership.htm

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The Sultan’s E-Quest: Marrying current realities with future possibilities.

To assist with understanding the future of e-commerce, we have taken on the task of helping ACCENTURE Singapore deal with some e-issues. We will create an experience that will help people understand the importance of staying ahead as market leaders through effective communication as a team. The combination of team building and a keynote address along with spending time with the conference participants will give all of us the chance to explore the unknown elements of the future.

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Is it possible to take a loner sport and make it into a team building program? Kellogg’s top 13 executives from all over Asia came together to spend some time together and begin to plan a strategy for Asia as a whole, and there was not a better way to inspire this process than on one of the world’s most spectacular golf courses, Nirwana Bali.


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MTV – making movies on the river
What are the people behind MTV like? MTV want to ensure that they practice what they preach, that not only do they project excitement, passion and energetic fun from their very public frontline staff, but that this is also reflected in the entire team. When the sales team got together for a conference recently, we were curious to learn about the major driving forces behind the organisation's success. We were interested to discover that even behind the scenes, the MTV sales team has the energy and passion of what we know MTV to be able to deliver, with a measure of wisdom and maturity to add balance. A vision from the executive team was the initial motivator, and Tirian was called in to help materialise the vision. By taking the team rafting and giving them challenges to work through together in their rafting teams, they were able to discover and apply useful practical principles.

"Some great metaphors we can all use back at the office. Very impressive"
Frank Brown  President MTV Asia

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AT&T The power of combining creative programs
Tirian has once again proved that by combining and integrating programs not only are conference organisers saved time and effort, but the result is programs that are great fun and also have a lasting and powerful impact. The recent AT&T President's Club program at the Grand Hyatt Bali demonstrated this. A combination of keynote motivational interactive speaking by Andrew Grant and small group workshops in the morning, and then a practical team building activity in the afternoon, all building on a central theme, left AT&T with broad grins and lasting inspiration.

"The experiences you took us through brought learning to life.”
CEO and President of AT&T Asia Pacific

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Starwood hotels Presentation Skills courses for General Managers
Within 2 weeks of well known hotelier Erhard Hotter's appointment as regional GM for the Sheraton, he asked Andrew and Yoke to run his favorite TIRIAN course of Presentations Skills to a group of 16 General Managers and regional executives. In the hotel industry presentation is vital - people must learn how to read and deal with an audience to do their job effectively. This successful two day program was full of useful interactive exercises and practical take aways.

"Extremely valuable" EH Regional GM Starwood Hotels

Brita Water Filters held its annual international conference in Bali, and chose to celebrate the unique coming together of participants from all around the globe by building a Balinese Village together. After some warm up activities that tested each country team and some inspirational input, each team was responsible for participating in a different activity to prepare for the grand celebration at the conclusion of the event. The end result was a unique combined achievement, which demonstrated the innovation and flexibility of the Brita team.

"The right mixture of motivation, information, encouragement, reflection and fun." Hans-Martin Blüder  International Director of Marketing and Sales BRITA Group

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The National Team Challenge (NAB)
The recent National (National Australia Bank) conference group from Australia chose a sampling of each of these types of programs to create a powerful integrated conference experience. The five day program for the 370 participants and partners was designed as both an incentive for high achievers in the company and a valuable opportunity for sharing and consolidating ideas as a group.

On the first night, the Tirian team provided a light-hearted introduction to the culture of Bali, challenging the group to experience Bali rather than simply observing. The Grand Hyatt provided the ideal setting, with a fabulous traditional market-stall style dinner and dance. Everyone was inspired to get a feel for the National vision.

A range of optional workshop topics was then on offer, covering areas as diverse as Team Learning, Conflict Resolution, Personal Health and Fitness, Change Management and Leadership. The high take-up rate of the participants and their partners was a strong indication of how much this input was appreciated as a service to individuals within the business and their partners.

Two team building activities then followed on the next two days, an Adventure Challenge called "Rapid River Rafting", and a Cultural Adventure called "Village Celebrations".

The Rapid River Rafting was an exciting white-water river race, encouraging people to work within and between boating groups to reach a set list of objectives. It provided an invaluable perspective on the dramatic Balinese environment, with breathtaking views down the deep forested river gorge, and fascinating snapshot images of the river as a centre of daily activity. Many participants felt that this was a highly enjoyable and exciting way to learn about themselves and their group.

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