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Andrew Grant:
Keynote Show-reel

Youtube A summary compilation Of Andrew Grant's latest TV interviews, endorsements and keynotes.

Andrew Grant: The Magic of Creative Thinking

Youtube A compilation of Andrew Grant's engaging live keynotes from - CIO (India), AMP (Dubai), Alcatel-Lucent (China), Optus (Australia) and Singtel (Singapore)

Andrew Grant: Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get it Back?

Youtube Everyone is talking about the need to “breakthrough” with innovative new ideas, so what is holding us back?

Demos & Promos

The Tirian Experience

Watch it on Youtube Tirian's interactive experiences replicate workplace situations in a low risk / high participational environment, potentially replacing years of on the job experience.

The Client's Experience

Watch it on Youtube "If you want engagement and quality, Tirian is the best choice."

"On Thin ICE"

Watch it on Youtube "On Thin ICE", Diverse Teams Under Pressure. Is the future of the new team 'on thin ice'? Contemporary teams face increasingly difficult challenges and require extra cohesion to function positively for corporate success.

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On Thin ICE