Tirian Videos: Client Experiences & Feedback

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Client Experiences & Feedback

President EA Asia
various programs and facilitation

Watch it on Youtube Jon Niermann, President - Electronic Arts (EA) Asia, and TV Host - Asia Uncut (Star TV), talks about the value of Tirian programs: On Thin ICE, Dynamic Interaction, and business facilitation with Andrew Grant

Conference Organiser
Keynote speaker Andrew Grant

Watch it on Youtube USA conference organiser Nick Swisher: "I've spent 12 years on the speaker's circuit working with the biggest name speakers in the world. Andrew's talk today was one of the best I've ever seen, and by far the best at this conference. He left the audience spellbound for more than 90 mins straight."

CEO of Downer EDi
"On Thin ICE" program

Watch it on Youtube David Overall, CEO Downer EDi Mining Australia: "My reflections of what you deliver to companies like us is the combination of the theme, which was fantastic, the experience you have in your team, and the atmosphere you create in the room which is great fun. That all brings to us a relevance to our business with the issues that we struggle with day-to-day."

Country CEO of Allianz
"Mission Possible" & facilitation

Watch it on Youtube "We got the results we were looking for" Joachim Wessling, Country CEO Allianz talks about the value of Tirian's Mission Possible workshop. This 2 day program resulted in a clear vision mission and values for Allianz..

VP Marketing FedEx Asia Pacific
"On Thin ICE" program

Watch it on Youtube Malcolm Sullivan, Vice President Marketing Asia Pacific FedEx: "Not just a day of fun, but something that will contribute to our success."

GM of Disney Asia / Pacific
"The Creative Connection"

Watch it on Youtube Norman Janelle, General Manager / SenVP Consumer Products, Disney Asia / Pacific: "Tirian gave us compelling ideas that are worthwhile for use in our marketing."

Conrad Hotel Manager
"On thin ICE" program

Watch it on Youtube Matt Hill - from the Conrad Hotel Bali talks about how this team building program presented by polar explorer Matt McFadyen & designer Andrew Grant has benefited their team.

Four Seasons HR Director
100% rankings boost

Watch it on Youtube Four Seasons Regent Hotel HR Team in Singapore talks about their 100% rankings improvement, alignment, staff moral and the international President takes notice, 3 months after a Tirian program

Four Seasons HR Director
Voted best hotel in the world

Watch it on Youtube Director of HR Four Seasons Bali still remember the impact of the Tirian programs 5 years after engagement The four Seasons Bali won number 1 hotel in the world 4 years in a row

Mandara Spa President & CEO
Incredible experience

Watch it on Youtube Jeff Matthews Mandara Spa President and CEO: "This was an incredible experience for our company. We were as a group able to identify our problems and create a plan. Other companies that I have used before have not been able to offer what Tirian has offered."

Conference Organiser
Choosing Tirian as a partner

Watch it on Youtube Professional Conference Organiser Shobie King (Australia) talks about choosing Tirian as a partner. "I shopped around and there is no comparison to what Tirian offers in the market. Tirians keynotes, team building and leadership development programs are the best. If you want engagement and quality, Tirian is the best choice."