Licensing and Partnerships Options

Tirian now has presenters, programs and/or self facilitation resources available to help you reach greater depths with your clients. In new countries Tirian is looking for partnering companies and can provide several options:

Option 1
Agency Agreement
Local company to act as a Tirian agent (non exclusive).
Option 2
Exclusive Marketing License
Company to buy exclusive marketing license for some / all of Tirian's products and programs, in a region or market.
Option 3
Full License
Local company buys license to deliver selected Tirian programs and exclusively represent Tirian on other products in their regent / market.
Option 4
Train The Trainer
Specialized training to deliver licensed programs internally within a company.
Option 5
Tirian Snack Paks
Resource kits available for other trainers, team leaders, and in-house staff. These self-facilitation bundle PAKs (Personal Action Kits) are designed for those who would like to explore the ideas and issues raised in Tirian's 3D programs with a small group with limited time and resources. Available off the shelf.

It is refreshing to see what Tirian has to offer. In the saturated field of training, they have carefully combined solid educational methods with researched academic content which results in an engaging experience. I know the partner we have in common is extremely selective and Tirian remains their trusted partner because of the value they deliver to companies and their employees.

Joni Wickline
Vice President,
International Growth
The Ken Blanchard Companies