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Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant as keynote speakers have been engaged by multiple market innovation leaders to help create a culture of innovation. The Grants have authored over 30 corporate educational resources, simulations and programs that are used by Fortune 500 companies and are sold under license worldwide. Andrew is a globally sought after professional facilitator & keynote speaker (including TEDx).

Experience unique perspectives. Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant are also available to co‐present as personal and professional partners to provide unique male and female, business and academic perspectives.

Andrew Grant

Lively, dynamic, passionate & engaging

Keynote speaker Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant: Keynote Show-reel
A summary compilation Of Andrew's latest TV interviews, endorsements and keynotes.
Creativity TEDx Hong Kong
Andrew Grant: TEDx Talks Hong Kong
Everyone is talking about the need to "breakthrough" with innovative new ideas, so what is holding us back?
Magic of Creative Thinking
Andrew Grant:The Magic of Creative Thinking live Andrew Grant A compilation of engaging live keynotes from – CIO (India), AMP (Dubai) , Alcatel-Lucent (China) , Optus (Australia) and Singtel (Singapore) Sessions 8 mins
The Pressure Pack (keynote)
Andrew Grant: The Pressure Pack
Andrew Grant Hear How Pressure Multitasking and Stress can all block creative thinkingWorktech / Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chapter 2 The Pressure Pack / 5 mins
Andrew Grant: Inventing the Future
Andrew Grant: Inventing the Future
Andrew Grant The new branding paradigm. The power is now with the consumer! Time to be creative.Intercon Hotels Group (IHG) Financial Controllers – Australia.
Andrew Grant: Inventing the Future
The Scene: The Power of Disruptive Innovation
Andrew Grant AMP Charter Symposium / Dubai (8 mins)


Gaia Grant

perceptive, grounded, researched & knowledgeable

Who Killed Creativity?
Gaia Grant: "Who Killed Creativity?" Sample Promo Video
Gaia Grant is the author of several books, including: " The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game" (Wiley 2016), "Who Killed Creativity?" (Jossey Bass / Wiley), "A Patch of Paradise" and "The Rhythm of Life" (Random House).
Keynote talk excerpts presented at Worktech
Gaia Grant: The 7 Creative Killer Suspects
Keynote talk excerpts (5 mins) Presented at Worktech-13 Melbourne. Gaia is regularly engaged by fortune 500 companies as a facilitator to assist with design thinking, ideation & dealing with wicked problems
Gaia Grant
Gaia Grant: Talks to LearnX in Sydney Australia
Issues on creative thinking from her book "Who Called Creativity? and how can we get it back" Topics cover: Creativity, Creative Thinking, Design Thinking, Ideation & Innovation. More info



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Andrew Grant & Gaia Grant as authors and experts in creativity contribute to a number of magazines and newspapers, and have been featured in international media including: Harvard Business Review, BBC, ABC, CCTV TV, Reuters, Huffington Post, Fast Company and the Wall St Journal. Read more here.