Leadership BootCamp Unique Two-Days Leadership Workshop Sponsored by Sarmady

Leadership BootCamp Workshop with Andrew GrantSarmady wrote news on Leadership BootCamp Workshop: from The Middle East, Egypt welcomed marketing leaders Stephen Covey, Jonas Ridderstrale, Andrew Grant and Bob Nelson to share their thoughts regarding exciting business related topics.

Leadership BootCamp was a unique two-day workshop that helped executives develop and articulate their own personal leadership philosophy statements.

Organized by Awareness, a number of 4,000 executives and managers attended the successful event with an impressive surrounding of prominent brands also sponsoring the event along with Sarmady.

One of the many exciting topics shared during the conference, was discussing "connecting brand through story" by Mr. Andrew Grant where he mentioned "what sells is not always the simple product itself - it is more often the image or the story built around it".

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Andrew Grant is the managing director of Tirian. He has written over 30 experiential learning team building programs that area now used under licence world wide. He is in high demand as a facilitator and keynote speaker on the topic. He lives between Bali and Sydney with offices Asia wide. For more details see www.tirian.com