Tirian Press Release Package

Changing trends in organizational learning

Current worldwide political, social and economic realities have forced today’s companies to stop and think seriously about future directions. In an increasingly competitive and yet ever more cautious market, organizations are now asking more of their employees than ever before – and there seems to be a growing realization that without the skills and motivation these employees will not be able to perform effectively. Many companies are now recognising, too, that they must focus on developing not just individuals, but also on building teams that can function effectively under pressure.

In an attempt to meet these needs, there has been a steadily increasing focus on personal and group development within the organization over the past decade or so. A lot of money and time has been spent on ensuring that human potential within the organization is developed. But with budgets tightening and the need for accountability increasing, these programs have had to become more targeted and more outcomes oriented. The trend is moving away from more physical activities and hyped up team bonding events, as well as away from more standard cookie-cutter training programs, as these programs have become less effective through over-familiarity – which has affected participant interest and motivation and ultimately the effectiveness of the outcomes. Clients are now looking for unique engaging presentations from innovative companies that will challenge and change both individuals and teams over the long term.

An innovative approach

Within the broad field of training and team building companies, Tirian International stands out as an innovator. A number of major multinational organisations have been attracted to Tirian’s new approaches to team development because they are both mentally and creatively challenging –  interactive programs that take people a little out of their comfort zones but are still supportive of individuals and empowering to the individual and team. 

Tirian’s themed approach to team development has also been very popular. The comprehensive integrated approach Tirian takes provides a far more dramatic experience with much greater impact. Exclusively designed Tirian programs include: On Thin ICETM, an ‘expedition to Antarctica’  that explores cross-cultural and virtual team issues; Catch Me If You DareTM, a futuristic simulation role play which helps teams deal with crisis, risk and reputation management; The Sky Is Not The LimitTM, a journey into outer space which highlights team issues of balancing cooperation and competition through a series of missions; EndangeredTM, an active tribal challenge to save an endangered animal, which focuses on teams learning to deal with change and multi task in order to survive; and Take2TM, a program that allows teams to understand the core values of their company through a creative and often hilarious movie making process. All of these programs are supported by interactive seminars, keynotes and workshops, which enable the group to dive deeper into the relevant subject areas in a way that engages each participant and brings the issues to life – also assisting with practical implementation into the workplace.

It’s the combination of these approaches into a themed learning experience that makes the difference. By immersing groups in a given scenario and challenging them to make practical and ethical decisions, full participation and involvement is ensured, greater impact is achieved, and clearer outcomes and longer-term effects are identified.

Tirian’s innovative programs have helped Disney participants explore their creativity, HP consider how they can make their vision and mission statements more relevant to their local staff, Federal Express work more effectively with virtual teams, and Standard Chartered Bank deal with personal risk management and dealing with crises as a team. These are but some of the practical applications of Tirian’s range of programs.

Leading the field

As Managing Director of Tirian International Andrew Grant explains: “Because Tirian is an organizational development company that focuses on ‘developing individuals in the context of organizations’, we have remained competitive in the Asian market in the nine years since it started operating in the region.

Co-Director Gaia Grant attributes much of the company’s success in finding a niche to the fact that they have worked with such a wide range of different industries and cultures, and have been able to identify trends and find effective learning solutions. Having designed their own ‘Team Positioning System’ (TPSTM) – which is based on a survey of thousands of client participants they have worked with – Tirian is able to isolate issues that need addressing and design a sequential tailored program to meet those needs. Their ‘synchronized team development programs’ are designed to ensure development is targeted and outcome focused.

With a new offices in Hong Kong under the capable management of Anita Billings, and a bilingual team ready to meet the specific needs of clients in the north Asia region, Tirian is now offering these specialized services to a wider market.”

With the ever-expanding opportunities in northern Asia and a growing need to meet these opportunities head on, you’re sure to hear more of Tirian in China!