Incentive & Meetings Asia: Lateral Golf, A Culture Mix for Corporates

Demand for corporate team-building activities are increasing in Indonesia as more companies feel the need to strengthen their teamwork in facing tough competition.

Some existing companies are expanding their business, and some others are entering or opening a corporate division with team-building activities as part of their services.

Tirian managing director, Mr Andrew Grant said: “In a bid to deal with an increasingly competitive market, companies are asking even more of their employees – and there seems to be a growing realisation that without the skills and motivation, employees will not be able to perform effectively. “

“Our most popular programme among executives is Lateral Golf. We use golf as a team metaphor, the participants not only brush up on their golf (with a Tirian golf pro) but can use it to improve their teams and organisation. “Lessons they learn in the way we present golf can be taken back and applied in an office context, while we challenge them that the wisdom they learn as managers, should be applied to win the golf games.”

Some companies are interested in making the most of the unique Balinese culture with our cultural adventure programmes, others want an exciting physical activity – such as white water rafting, and some will enjoy our indoors themed interactive business theatre sessions, Mr Grant said.

By Mimi Hudoyo