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Australian Financial Review Coping in a Culture of Perpetual Crisis

Australian Financial Review Coping in a Culture of Perpetual Crisis

An Australian company is helping businesses in Asia learn how to deal with a crisis. As Bill Pheasant discovers, it’s now being put to the test. 
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HR Monthly Australia Are You Secure

HR Monthly Australia: Are You Secure? (Cover Story)

"Tirian: Surviving Bali: For organizational development company Tirian, the Bali bombings were just one more crisis ..." More on Crisis Management >

Asia Times Online: Crisis on, chicken off the menu

Crisis on, chicken off the menu

Gary La Moshi from Asia Times Online interviews Andrew Grant, MD of Tirian and designer of Catch Me if you Dare, to look at how organizations can prepare themselves to avoid costly mistakes. “As usual, the costs of government failure to deal with looming crises until it is too late will be eaten by ordinary people, who will also be force-fed a diet of doubletalk. Indonesia is not alone in failing to learn the lessons of SARS, or to see the warning signs, but its reaction to the bird flu outbreak is tragic nonetheless…”.
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The Bulletin / Newsweek

The Bulletin / Newsweek "The Damage Done: Who's to Blame for the Corby Fiasco and how it's hurting Australia"

Andrew Grant and other expats interview by Fortune Magazines journalist Eric Ellis for the Bulletin as an Australian living in Bali -on international relations. "The Bali expats and intelligentsia are disgusted by Australia’s racist reaction. The other 230 million Indonesians ask, “Schapelle who?”..." (06/05)

AM ABC Radio

ABC Radio Bali's economy struggling

For most of the past 10 years Gaia Grant's home has been beachfront Jimbaran, just 20 metres from the where bombs ripped through a seafood restaurant two weeks ago.