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Tirian's programs and team have featured in a number of different media, including the following:

Proactive Innovation: Where the Best Ideas Come from

Proactive Innovation: Where Do the Best Ideas Come from?

Have you ever thought about where innovation within an organisation comes from? In some organisations, all stakeholders, and their perspectives are considered and included. Innovation is purposeful and proactive, and there are systems and structures in place to support innovative growth. In others, innovation appears to be an afterthought, a last-minute reaction to growing problems or part of the firefighting process when problems are already set to threaten the business. Read more >

Why creativity puts the magic in marketing leadership

Why creativity puts the magic in marketing leadership

Speaking at Salesforce Future of Marketing in Sydney, Gaia Grant, author of Who Killed Creativity?...And How Can We Get It Back?, raised concerns that our current habits are thwarting our potential to unlock creativity and generating innovative ideas. Read more >

The Creativity Killers At Work

The Creativity Killers At Work: How contemporary pressures can stifle creative thinking

Is your team creative? Perhaps you need to cultivate an environment that allows positive ideas to flow.
Read more >

Asian Wall Street Journal Creativity

Asian Wall Street Journal: Wanted A Breath of Fresh Air (How to Morph Into a More Creative Manager )

"Creativity is like air, hard to see and difficult to find but if companies don't get enough of it they will die. Andrew Grant (Managing Director of Tirian) says that creativity should be at the core of everything from team building to brainstorming ..." Read more >

Future Edge Interview: Corporate Creativity

Future Edge Interview: Corporate Creativity

"There is nothing more exciting than to design a program (leadership, team or personal improvement) and then see how it can change people's lives..." Read more >

Creative Innovation Interview with Andrew and Gaia Grant

Creative Innovation TV Interview with Andrew and Gaia Grant – “The wickedest problems the world is facing today”

In this interview Andrew and Gaia Grant talked about how we loose our creativity as we get older, and how important to educate people about creativity since they are young and how Creative Innovation Global got heterogeneous people together, cross-pollinate and sparks creativity. Watch Video >