Blended Learning Integrated Ecosystem

Using the very best of digital tools, we have flipped the classroom to make sure the learning lasts. The optional independent self-pace online sessions we have designed blend any core group workshops & simulations (face to face or digital), to ensure participants can upskill themselves and dive deeper in the topic. (They can also be taken independently). This ensures that any face-to-face / digital workshop time is effectively used for active facilitation & collaborative activities, that clarify concepts and contextualize knowledge through application, analysis, planning and problem-solving. The value of blended learning is that it allows participants to best use their time to self-pace and engage with interactive content, focusing on key concepts (outside of a classroom setting). They are educationally sound, academically researched, and business orientated.

Course progression ecosystem includes:

  1. Pre-Course and Essentials Pack: Introduction, pre-reading, videos that introduce the topic. Includes a pre-reflection about how the session could be applied to people in a work context (Faces & Places) + Download the Digital Notebook and course collaterals.
  2. Core Content: this is primarily based on the core interactive workshop/webinar / facilitated online experience, delivered by a professional facilitator. Alternate options for independent learners is also available.
  3. Learning Journey: A 7 week self-paced online summary, and extended learning course with deep dives. This allows for real work time applications & goal setting. Review, Refresh, Reflect & React.
  4. Extended options include: Certification of completion can be awarded for participation, with the option of extended business facilitation, coaching, assignments, accreditation and train the trainer)
ICE Pre Course blended learning
iCLi Coaching blended learning
Online learning progression pathway collateral packages blended_learn
CSI2 Certificate blended learning

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Interactive Zoom-based webinars & workshops, coaching, facilitating remote workshops, Biz facilitation with gamification / experiential learning

"Creative Scene Investigation (CSI)" Intelligent Team Online Wokshop

Creative & Critical Thinking for dealing with wicked problems.
Why now? Leaders will need to learn to tackle wicked undefined challenges, where both the problem and solution are unknown and are morphing daily. To overcome this requires the use of a tested design-thinking style process.
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"The Innovation Race" Intelligent Team Online Wokshop

Future-Ready Leadership for greater agility and sustainable innovation and growth
Why now? Leaders will need to effectively deal with the competing demands a crisis bring. This involves managing the tension between those who recognise the need to explore new options and innovate, and those who want to preserve the current status quo. This added tension can either rip a team or company apart – or if led well – can fuel sustainable innovative growth.
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"COMMUNICATE: Reality of Virtual Teams Workshops with gamified experiential learning" Intelligent Team Online Wokshop

The Reality of Virtual teams: Dealing with virtual and remote team challenges (with gamification)
Why now? Leaders and teams need to understand the unique dynamics of virtual teams. They will need to be able to adapt to effective remote communication, and not just think they can simply recreate the physical office online. A well led virtual team can outperform most office-based teams, but only where the communication is maximised.
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"Collaboration Deception" Intelligent Team Online Wokshop

The Collaboration Deception: Workshop with a gamification social experiment.
Why now? Collaboration under crisis and competition can be a significant challenge. We are learning from world leaders what happens when true collaboration is utilised to solve difficult problems – and the consequences from when it is not. So how does a leader promote collaboration in a complex competitive environment?
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Creative Applicance Projects

The Creative Appliance Project: Reinventing the future to build confidence and capability. (Revisiting the Mission Vision Values Brand)
Why now? Companies need to reinvent themselves as the world constantly changes. In doing so they will need to be clearer than ever about the core values that should never change, and what will need to change to adapt around that. This can allow an organisation to remain true to their core purpose while redefining their unique offering.
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Your knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to work with us were key to the success of these digital virtual seminars. I learned a lot from you, and really enjoyed working with you.

Doug Wieringa
Global Strategic Initiatives
Boeing USA