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We want ensure that we offer the highest quality team building & leadership development program that will meet your corporate needs and fulfill your desired outcomes. In order to achieve this we will need to look carefully at outcomes, terms and other parameters before we can suggest a suitable proposal and quote. Since clients have varied perceptions of what team building, training and development programs are, and have differing expectations in terms of facilitation, content, production and extravagance, it is important for us to ascertain each client’s individual needs.

There are many different ways people interpret our programs, and we get a variety of requests ranging from activities for pure enjoyment through to in-depth experiential based learning, exploration, seminars, keynote talks, facilitation and consultancy.

The table below may help you to chose the perfect combination of program for your group needs. (more details are in the appendix B).



(Mainly for Dimension 1)

Dimension 1: Experiential Learning, Activity based, themed, business simulations, and team building programs

1) Recreational -  changes the way people feel

A) Minimal - the bare essentials

Dimension 2: Interactive Seminars, workshops and Keynote talks

2) Educational-  changes the way people think

B) Normal –standard

Dimension 3: Consultancy and facilitation.

3) Developmental -changes the way people behave

C) Elaborate –themed to impress

Process and Evaluation Method options

The most successful programs are a combination of pre assessment, delivery, and follow up. Each of these can vary according to the client’s needs and budget.

  1. Assess: Consult to identify needs and chose suitable face to face programs This can include as required: Discussions, meetings, phone calls, emails, Needs Analysis and/or even Psychometric Evaluation).
  2. Deliver:  Present the program
  3. Follow through: Evaluate the program, provide feedback, follow up assist with implementation back into the working environment as required.

Not all of the questions below may be relevant to your group, however it would be appreciated if as many details as possible are completed and sent back to us as soon as practical to help us streamline our proposal and ensure outcomes are understood and met.

In summary it will help if we can have some idea of the following:

  • Budget
  • Desired outcomes
  • Time frames
  • Settings/Environment
  • Type of program you desire
  • Prior experience
  • Company profile
  • Size of group
  • Destination/Location
  • Tirian's role
  • Program type


Please take the time to browse our

  1. Website www.tirian.com
  2. A power point slide show http://www.tirian.com/intro/TIRIANslidev4.4.pps
  3. Video samples (Low resolution). www.tirian.com/_private/video/index.htm  log in: client, password nairit
  4. Tirian’s FAQ about Tirian (appendix A)

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Program Outline And Current Stage Of Planning

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Proposed Program Format:

Program Approach Options

Would you like us to focus on a particular area? ( a combination of all 3 dimensions is a very powerful tool.)

Delivery Options

Which ones describe best - the participants are:

In answering the above questions:

All of the following are important for a successful Tirian program, but to help us best match the strength of our team to your needs please rank the following:

(experience and knowledge in the subject area, able to draw on case studies)

(ability inspire, humour, interact, work with what happens on the spot)

(able to adjust on the spot to the audience's needs)

(preferences needs)

(other things to consider)

What are you most looking for in our team?


  • Most Tirian presenters are competent in all areas however some has their own specialty
  • Tirian can combine presenters / facilitators into a team if all of the above are critical
  • Tirian can also balance the ratio as needed to allow more
  • Fees vary according to the level /experience required, with options 5 & 6 requiring a higher investment
  • More info http://www.tirian.com/presenters-facilitators/presentation-methods.php
Program Structure Options

Please see www.tirian.com/_private/proposal/basic_stand_exec.htm for more details.
See also www.tirian.com/structure/nfstructures.htm

Assessment Options

Would you like Tirian to assess your situation so we can ensure
1) the right programs are chosen and/or
2) once a program is chosen, the content is made more relevant to the participants?

Specific Parameters

(Please give estimates)

The next steps

Thank you for taking the time to fill in these details. We will now be able to devote the time required to design a program, proposal and quote for your client and or company.

  • We will send you a proposal based on this sheet and meetings.
  • After you have confirmed our services and secured a date by putting a deposit down, we will either begin the necessary arrangements OR if you have opted to take some responsibility for the coordination we will send you a booking and venue requirement form setting out the logistics based on the program needs.
  • Please note that no program/staff can be blocked out until a deposit is received (as set out in our terms and conditions.)

Appendix A

Appendix A: Frequently asked questions

Who is Tirian? www.tirian.com/intro/about_us.htm
Tirian is a leading training and consulting company specializing in organizational development. Tirian works closely with individuals, teams and organisations in a broad range of industries and has built up a strong reputation with an exclusive selection of top clientele Tirian's programs involve the deliberate use of action events and facilitated reflection to bring about lasting change and learning. ….

What can Tirian achieve?
- How much is a Tirian program worth? See what people have said about the results we can produce…www.tirian.com/intro/measuring_value.htm
- Why are Tirian programs effective? www.tirian.com/intro/learning_opp.htm
- What is the difference between a keynote speaker, facilitator & a trainer? What is experiential learning? What does Tirian mean by “debriefing” www.tirian.com/intro/definitions.htm

What methods does Tirian use to ensure results? www.tirian.com/intro/method.htm
Tirian has a strong educational background that provides for quality learning experiences, and ensures what is learnt lasts.  “You brought learning to life” President AT&T Asia

Where can Tirian run programs? www.tirian.com/settings/setting_intro.htm
Tirian is an Australian founded company with a wealth of experience in overseas cultures and countries. We have bases and teams in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, HK, Australia and KL.  We are available and experienced to run programs throughout Australia and Asia, and can travel anywhere…

Who are Tirian’s clients, what programs have they participated in, and what do they say about the impact of Tirian in their organisation?
Clients include: Accenture, ANZ, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, E&Y, Four Seasons Hotels, Goldman Sachs, GSK, Nokia, PWC, MTV, Starwood Hotels, TNT.
“Well organised, tremendous and extremely worthwhile”
Director  Channels Asia Pacific Cisco Systems

Who are Tirian’s presenters?www.tirian.com/profiles/nfprofiles.htm
All our presenters and facilitators are professionals who bring with them years of experience along with the relevant qualifications. We have both local and international people to draw on who understand both the corporate needs of groups and the local environment.

What are Tirian’s Unique Selling Points? http://www.tirian.com/_private/proposal/diff.htm
Creative…Educationally sound…Unique…Delivered in a way that is relevant and impacting. “Stimulating in approach – Intelligent in content”

How unique are Tirian’s programs? www.tirian.com/_private/proposal/license.htm
When you choose a Tirian program you are receiving an exclusive program. All Tirian’s programs are original and designed by Tirian and then customized to the client as needed. Tirian does license some of its programs very selectively to other reputable companies. Please beware of any company claiming to run a Tirian program or using a Tirian program name.

How can I present Tirian to a committee or team?
-  5 minute pps slide presentation containing general information about Tirian download a power point pps doc from http://www.tirian.com/intro/TIRIANslidev4.4.pps  
- Web linked Video samples (Low resolution). www.tirian.com/_private/video/index.htm
For high resolution please ask us to arrange for a Tirian CD to be delivered to you.

Appendix B

Appendix B: Different level of programs available

Tirian has found that program participants need a memorable, engaging and motivating experience. The greater the impact, the more the experience stays at the front of their minds and can be applied back at work. Outcomes can be achieved by choosing the appropriate level of 1) method, 2) facilitation and 3) production. These areas can be divided into three levels, allowing organizers to make the most suitable choices and combinations.

Options and levels – choose your method, facilitation and production level for the perfect program.



 (Mainly for Dimension 1)

Dimension 1: Experiential Learning, Activity based, themed, business simulations, and team building programs

1) Recreational - changes the way people feel

A) Minimal - the bare essentials

Dimension 2: Interactive Seminars, workshops and Keynote talks

2) Educational- changes the way people think

B) Normal - standard

Dimension 3: Consultancy and facilitation.

3) Developmental - changes the way people behave

C) Elaborate –themed to impress


The facilitation example below shows how the same activity can be used in different ways to achieve different purposes. Note that the facilitation methods used to introduce and reflect on the experiences (not the action events- activity) are the instruments of change. (Model adapted from Simon Priest, PhD)
1.  RECREATIONAL: Designed to change the way people feel (to entertain, re-energize, relax, re-create, socialize, teach and learn new skills, etc.); ratio of staff to participants low. Example: Tirian facilitators use an activity at a conference/program to make attendees happy and to get them mingling
2.  EDUCATIONAL: Intended to change the way people feel and think (to gain awareness of needs, to add knowledge of new concepts, to understand new ways to look at old or familiar concepts, etc.); ratio medium. Example: Tirian facilitators use an activity to demonstrate the value of teamwork and to introduce new team strategies.
3  DEVELOPMENTAL: Designed to change the way people feel, think, and behave (by increasing positive functional behaviour, by improving interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, etc.) ratio high. Example: Once the benefit of teaming is evident; Tirian facilitators can use an activity to actually build new teams or even address dysfunctional behaviour.

Combination suggestions

http://www.tirian.com/_private/proposal/basic_stand_exec.htm (login: client, password nairit)

We are able to offer a range of programs, all of which can be individually tailored. However, to keep it simple, we have packaged up the levels of Facilitation and Production into 3 main packages and can price a program with 3 options:
Tirian can provide three quote options ranging in price and outcomes, based on different combinations
(Note: there is approximately 20% price difference between Lite to Standard, and 30% difference between Standard to Executive/Hollywood programs). It can sometimes help to compare these levels to:  Economy, Business and First Class plane travel.


Lite Programs:

Recreational / Minimal – best suited for budget conscious groups


Standard Programs:

Educational / Normal


Executive Programs:

Developmental / Normal – best suited for outcomes conscious Dimension 1 and/or 2 Seminars style programs


Hollywood Programs:

Recreational / Elaborate – best suited for large groups & team building Dimension 1 style programs):