Client Outcomes Reached

You be the judge!… Too often people measure training and development in terms of hours spent in courses. When weighed against costs, these programs can seem expensive. It can be much more helpful to weigh the costs against the outcomes, rather than the process. Tirian’s " Targeted Learning Outcomes " approach is fast and efficient, as the results from our client programs show.

Our program participants made the comments below after a careful pre-assessment, and then 1- 4 days of direct input.

Client Feedback

Outcomes Reached

“Our business as you know is predominantly sales, and one of the biggest hurdles we deal with is to get individuals who are rewarded individually to work as a team. The time that my teams spent with Tirian helped the members discover the value of not only teamwork but also the value of having a diverse team and accepting the different qualities of each member and capitalizing on those qualities to reach higher goals.The other unique challenge we have is our teams are made up of several different cultures, and the program that was taught by you and your colleagues helped immensely towards developing acceptance, awareness and respect for each and every team member. I guess the goal of sending our staff on these team building weekends is not only harmony in the office but also to increase revenue. Within the 12 months of the first team building experience with your company I am happy to say that the team has moved from third to first ranking in their market. Revenues are up and we have a harmonious atmosphere in that area. Challenges still lie ahead for the team as they bring on new staff and I'm sure they will be drawing on their experiences with Tirian to deal with this and other issues they are sure to encounter.”

Craig Smyth
Managing Director Asian Interest Rate Derivatives
GFI Group Pte Ltd

  • The team moved from 3rd to 1st ranking in their market
  • Revenues are up
  • A harmonious atmosphere in our work

“For the last six months since TIRIAN'S course it has been pretty smooth sailing in terms of project work. I haven't had to handle any emotional issues or conflicts within the group, which is pretty amazing. This certainly never happened for the 2 years previous to that, and on top of that, we have been meeting deadlines for projects are that directly within our control - everyone is much more cooperative, is displaying fantastic teamwork, commitment and understanding. The outcome is certainly very impressive.”

International Bank Project Leader

  • Smooth sailing with projects
  • No emotional issues
  • Deadlines met
  • Better cooperation
  • More commitment

The program for our Investment Professionals was not only entertaining and informative, but also highly relevant to our group. We appreciate the time you took us before and after the program and appreciate your personal touch and passion for what you do. Many expressed how their initial skepticism for 'team-building' was very quickly dissolved from the on-set of the program. They unanimously agree that the time went past in a flash and found concrete takeaways from the activities. A resounding theme from the participants was the gratitude and surprise on the upside, that their intellects were not insulted!

Goldman Sachs - Investment Professionals

  • Highly relevant
  • Intellects not insulted
  • Concrete takeaways

“The program showed us how to work with people with different skills and cultural backgrounds. The group identified these differences and used them to the benefit of the group to achieve the common goal.”

Accenture Manager

  • Recognized skills & cultural backgrounds
  • Created common goals

“We did things that we really didn’t think we were capable of doing, and you have helped us look at our future in a different way.”

Managing Director AT&T Asia Pac Hong Kong

  • Exceeded prior personal limits
  • Refocused on the future

“You gave us a better way to benefit from unrecognized strengths, opening up important sources of talent and energy that we had not recognized. Even to this day (3 years later) your input still has an impact on how we solve problems and work together as a team”

GM Four Seasons Resort Bali

  • Benefited from unrecognised strengths
  • Identified new talent & energy
  • Lasting impact

“As a result of your input I saw an attitude characterised by team work and a spirit of collaboration rather than competition, and a lot of creativity. This program really reinforced the importance of respect and diversity on multiple levels.”

President AT&T Asia Pacific

  • New staff attitude
  • Collaboration & creativity
  • Respected diversity

“If only you had come earlier… I realised that the source of conflict which caused a great deal of stress and lost revenue was simply a lack of awareness & understanding of different cultural beliefs and leadership styles.”

Hotel GM

  • Conflicts resolved
  • New awareness

"This will improve the speed in which teams get started and increase the quality of their results."

Dir International Training Newmont Mining USA

  • Speed
  • Quality of results

"Issues that have previously taken months to deal with are now solved."

VP Cisco Marketing A/P

  • Resolved issues in a shortened time period

"Your creativity program gave us compelling ideas that are worthwhile for use in our marketing. You helped the team unlock the potential to see how big they can really be. When I challenge them about their numbers, I think they will now see it as possible."

General Manager & Senior VP Disney Asia/Pac

  • Compelling ideas for use in marketing
  • When challenged about 'numbers' will now see it's possible

“What we have seen over the last 18 months while working with Tirian, is that the level of cooperation amongst our team has dramatically improved. The creativity program has helped us to be more successful and we will use this to elevate our business to new heights.”

Managing Director Beiersdorf Thailand

  • Cooperation amongst team dramatically improved
  • Will elevate our business to new heights

Comments before a Tirian program: “I have very high expectations. This can be an excellent session if it is done right. This should not be "play games and hope we find out something out about ourselves and each other". It should be a study of behavior coupled with some exercises to see how we work together and then debrief the exercises.”

Comment from same person after the Tirian program:
“Exceeded expectations, the best I have ever been to, and I have been to many.”

Director Chemical Company USA

  • Exceeded (very high) expectations