Client Financial Institution Endorsements

Some of our financial institution client Endorsements:

Very helpful for our executive team and applicable to everyone in the company. (Video)

Vincent Iswara, CEO DANA Indonesia,
(JV with Alipay / Alibaba / Ant Financial / Emtek)

We got the results we were looking for

Joachim Wessling
Country CEO Allianz

The best program we have ever had.

Richard Howard
CEO Daimler Financial Services Asia/Pac/Africa

Thank you for your passion and commitment. It was a splendid day that met everyone's expectations.

Nalin Fernando
Director & Regional Business Manager | Group Audit | Asia Pacific
Deutsche Bank

Top marks for helping us ensure that the whole issue of creating a supporting culture that enables our key strategic initiatives, becomes successful.

John Gilbert
Global Operations
UBS Investment Bank- London UK

Our business as you know is predominantly sales, and one of the biggest hurdles we deal with is to get individuals who are rewarded individually to work as a team. The time that my teams spent with Tirian helped the members discover the value of not only teamwork but also the value of having a diverse team and accepting the different qualities of each member and capitalizing on those qualities to reach higher goals.The other unique challenge we have is our teams are made up of several different cultures, and the program that was taught by you and your colleagues helped immensely towards developing acceptance, awareness and respect for each and every team member. I guess the goal of sending our staff on these team building weekends is not only harmony in the office but also to increase revenue. Within the 12 months of the first team building experience with your company I am happy to say that the team has moved from third to first ranking in their market. Revenues are up and we have a harmonious atmosphere in that area. Challenges still lie ahead for the team as they bring on new staff and I'm sure they will be drawing on their experiences with Tirian to deal with this and other issues they are sure to encounter.

Craig Smyth
Managing Director Asian Interest Rate Derivatives
GFI Group Pte Ltd

A very memorable program that will not be forgotten for a long time. Everybody got something out of it. We had a lot of fun, but we also learned and internalized the message about what we can do to work as a team.

Regional Managing Director & Regional Head of Human Resources
Deutsche Bank

An extremely well facilitated, egaging and well-organized program

Dan Balasundaram: Associate Director, Business Management S&P Global Ratings

For the last six months since TIRIAN'S course it has been pretty smooth sailing in terms of project work. I haven't had to handle any emotional issues or conflicts within the group, which is pretty amazing. This certainly never happened for the 2 years previous to that, and on top of that, we have been meeting deadlines for projects are that directly within our control - everyone is much more cooperative, is displaying fantastic teamwork, commitment and understanding. The outcome is certainly very impressive.

Deutsche Bank  Project Leader

Exceeded expectations. Fantastic activity – the best for many. Just the tonic for the group.

Regional Director of Money Markets REPO
Deutsche Bank

The program for our Investment Professionals was not only entertaining and informative, but also highly relevant to our group. We appreciate the time you took us before and after the program and appreciate your personal touch and passion for what you do. Many expressed how their initial skepticism for 'team-building' was very quickly dissolved from the on-set of the program. They unanimously agree that the time went past in a flash and found concrete takeaways from the activities. A resounding theme from the participants was the gratitude and surprise on the upside, that their intellects were not insulted!

Goldman Sachs - Investment Professionals

Extremely well received, thoroughly enjoyable, very professionally put together ... with some great takeaways.

Head Economist 
Citigroup International

It was a fantastic time of fun and learning and we now look to the future with great excitement.

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Thank you very much for helping us find a common road map for our group.

Managing Director  & Head Economist
Citigroup USA

I know this will last in our peoples' minds for many years to come. I was most impressed with your attention to detail and overall management of the training program. Feedback has been exceptionally positive, with comments such as "Will never forgot what we learnt",   "an unforgettable experience",  "life changing" and "spectacular in every way." I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making things "special" for our people.

Senior Consultant Sales Leadership
National Australia Bank

You managed to open the minds and attitudes of the most skeptical in the group  - and there were plenty. I think one measure of your success is that before the conference, many felt  the time allocated was too long, while afterwards, the same people said the program could have gone for longer.

Citigroup Hong Kong

This is the most creative team development program I have ever participated in - A real eye opener. Outstanding.

Chief Economist
Salomon Smith Barney Taiwan