The Creation of Cliques

Intelligent Team Building Program by Tirian: On Thin ICE

Strategies for Inclusive Group Development

Like the new polio outbreak it seems that racism and discrimination have never been properly eradicated. It has become so unfashionable to discriminate against certain groups that all but the most insensitive people take pains to appear fair-minded, at least in public. But does this mean that that discrimination itself had ended — or only that people are just embarrassed to show it? (Freakonomics-Levitt)

With issues of race and religion back in the media this seminar is crucial for companies that wish to head off the problem before it explodes. These experiential based sessions look at how prejudices and behaviours affect groups and provide positive steps to deal with it.

The ‘Creation of Cliques’ is a perceptive consideration of the sorts of preconceptions and prejudices which can divide a group. In this workshop, it is possible to take a confronting look at where these prejudices come from and how they are often allowed to develop.

Through experiencing the different responses to individuals that can be typical within a group, participants can begin to feel for themselves the effects of stereotyping and discrimination. In this environment, practical alternative strategies which encourage equality and inclusion can be determined and effectively established.

We will also take a look at Peter Senge’s “Ladder of Inference” The world today is one of self-generating beliefs that remain largely untested. Unfortunately it is human nature to move quickly from perceiving, to assuming, to acting, and, if left unchecked, inferences soon turn to fact in a person’s mind, judgement follows and soon after, an unnecessary conflict…

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