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    Is ‘team building’ really worth the investment? (Excerpt from an article originally published in ‘MICE International’ magazine, Dubai about Tirian).
    Assessing and managing risk. Gaia and Andrew Grant, Directors of Tirian, provide a personal perspective on risk management from their home and office compound in Jimbaran, Bali. (Andrew & Gaia Grant)
    Workplace satisfaction and success. Why leaders cannot afford to trivialize or marginalize “soft” skills in the workplace. (by Gaia Grant)
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"Thanks for a great article, it sparked for me some important questions …"
Dr Don Hanna (PhD)
Managing Director & Global Head / EMA
Citigroup USA

"…Really good. I would also add that leaders …"
Bill Amelio
CEO Lenovo

"Fascinating reading and always thought provoking"
Chris Prouting
Regional Events Manager
Asia Pacific Amway Australia

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