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Total Targeted Solutions

Designing the best program combination

Tirian offers tailored program plans that are individually designed to provide the most complete solution from the range of programs and services. After an extensive assessment and interview process (including a Needs Assessment Questionnaire), Tirian chooses the most appropriate selection of D1, D2 and/or D3 modules (should be linked to D1, D2, D3 pages for those who jumped directly to this page) to form an integrated course in consultation with the client. This is then followed up with an evaluation process.

Tirian’s targeted solutions include an effective 4-Phase Process which ensures any complete solution is effective:

PHASE 1: Pre-preparation

Assessing needs through any combination of the following:

  • Verbal interviews with any of the following:
    • Targeted individuals
    • Focus groups
    • Leaders
  • Needs Analysis Questionnaire
  • Behavior Profile Questionnaire
  • Full Psychometric Evaluation

PHASE 2: Custom design

Designing the best combination program plan through looking at:

  • Needs identified
  • Outcomes desired
  • Time available

PHASE 3: Program delivery

Implementation of program plan with ongoing feedback and evaluation as needed.

PHASE 4: Post-program follow up

This phase can include:

  • Written evaluation
  • Verbal feedback
  • Follow up recommendations
  • Business facilitation
  • Personalized coaching or one-on-one sessions

Find out how our clients benefit from our total targeted solutions Case Study



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Customized Solutions

Client Success Stories

"The program showed us how to work with people with different skills and cultural backgrounds. The group identified these differences and used them to the benefit of the group to achieve the common goal."

Accenture Manager

"As a result of your input I saw an attitude characterised by team work and a spirit of collaboration rather than competition, and a lot of creativity. This program really reinforced the importance of respect and diversity on multiple levels."

President AT&T Asia Pacific

"Your creativity program gave us compelling ideas that are worthwhile for use in our marketing. You helped the team unlock the potential to see how big they can really be. When I challenge them about their numbers, I think they will now see it as possible."

General Manager & Senior VP Disney Asia/Pac

"Issues that have previously taken months to deal with are now solved."

VP Cisco Marketing A/P

"What we have seen over the last 18 months while working with Tirian, is that the level of cooperation amongst our team has dramatically improved. The creativity program has helped us to be more successful and we will use this to elevate our business to new heights."

Managing Director
Beiersdorf, Thailand

"This will improve the speed in which teams get started and increase the quality of their results."

Director International Training
Newmont Mining, USA