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Self facilitated sessions - Just add people ...

Inventing the Future Snack PAK

Inventing the Future

The power of story in organizations

On Thin ICE Snack PAK

On Thin ICE

The reality of virtual & cross cultural teams

Building the Corporate Village Snack PAK

Building the Corporate Village

Developing a corporate identity to cope with change

The Creative Connection Snack PAK

The Creative Connection

Unlocking creativity in your teams

The Sky is Not the Limit Snack PAK

The Sky is Not the Limit

Discover the potential of effective team networking
(Coming soon)

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Not all snack food is bad for you

Tirian program now available for everyone:

Drawing on years of designing high impact team development programs, keynotes and seminars to fortune 500 companies, Tirian has now packaged its “full meal” programs into “bite sized snacks”. At a fraction of the price of a full Tirian program, content that normally costs thousands of dollars is now available in inexpensive bite size easy to use kits with all materials needed included.

The perfect way for team leaders to help introduce business issues and discuss group responses and dynamics.

Fast food grew out of the need for busy working people who did not have the time for a full sit down meal. Likewise, busy leaders and their teams need sustenance but often have trouble arranging the ‘time out’ needed to do this and in the process may neglect to develop their teams. Tirian has now designed the perfect snack for busy leaders to help grow their teams.


Kit includes:

  • DVD
  • Leader's Guide
  • How to be a successful facilitator book
  • PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM
  • 5 Participant Workbooks
  • 5 Reminder Cards
  • 3 posters
  • email teasers and follow up.

No need to be an expert.
The kits are designed to bring out the expertise in the group. Flexible enough to scratch the surface with no preparation or experience required OR Delve deeper into all the extension topics and extended reading provided.

Introduction To The PAK

These self-facilitation bundle PAKs (Personal Action Kits) are designed for those who would like to explore the ideas and issues raised in Tirian’s 3D programs with a small group with limited time and resources.

Snack PAK™ kit contents Includes:
DVD, Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM, 10 Participant Workbooks, 10 Reminder Cards, poster set of 3, email teasers and follow up. (Books, Video/DVD's and posters are also available separately).
Bonus - 'How to be a successful facilitator' booklet.
+ 1 copy of "Living in Three Dimensions" book

Snack PAK books:  60 pages full of fascinating facts, inspiring quotes, and engaging stories. Covering Tirian's unique 3D program topics with the latest research and ideas combined in a compact yet challenging style, these business books are a great way to stimulate thinking and discussion about crucial team and organizational issues. A structured format utilizes the effective 3D action tool and provides the framework for self-led group questioning, leading to specific practical outcomes. Versatile enough to be used independently, as part of the Snack PAK self-facilitated sessions, or to reinforce the key messages of Tirian's programs.

Snack PAK videos: SNACK PAK Videos are fast paced thought provoking short videos covering key topics from

  1. High Achievers
  2. On the Street /in the Office Vox Pops
  3. Inspirational Footage
  4. Short Keynote talks


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Inventing The Future Snack PAK

Do you have a team that needs to explore business ideas and grow together?

Are you lacking content? Do you need something to get you started, point the way and guide you towards an actionable conclusion?

Are you too tight for time to organize an external speaker/facilitator or large offsite conference?

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