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How does having a Conference Learning Director change your event?

The traditional compere is often either a glamorous TV or fashion personality or a funny raconteur and entertainer. They attract attention to themselves and attempt to lift the event by their superior presentation skills. If not done well, the net effect can often end up deflecting attention away from the core subject of the conference and can often make the speakers appear, by comparison, clumsy and dull.

Post conference surveys sometimes reveal that the comedian or glamorous host was the most remembered aspect of the conference. In an age where learning is a key success determinant, such a conference outcome can only be seen as a failure.

Tirian’s Conference Learning Directors have a fundamentally different role. While certainly expert communicators in their own right, their role is to ensure the presenters communicate their knowledge effectively and the conference achieves its learning aims.

Tirian’s Conference Learning Directors can occupy the anchor role once performed by personalities or comedians, but do not attract the audience’s attention to themselves. Rather, by summarising the previous presentation articulately, linking it to the overall learning aims, revising delegate notes and posing insightful interview questions to the presenter, they enhance the ‘takeaway value’ of the presenters and reinforce the total conference learning experience.

Bruce Haddon“Bruce Haddon's focus, enthusiasm, professionalism, wit, charm and sense of fun all greatly contributed to a most successful conference.”

James Barron,
Group Training Australia




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Meetings can move much faster and with less stress through the guidance of an external facilitator. With a professional Tirian facilitator constructive dialogue can replace debating, and individuals can be carefully guided through each stage of the process. Good facilitation ensures that outcomes of meetings are effectively achieved and the individuals involved maintain both ownership of the process and the outcomes.

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Client Success Stories

"Andrew superb moderation kept us through our pace during whole the day."

Richard Hoon ROW Chairperson Global Leadership Conference
Young Presidents Organization / World Presidents Organization (YPO / WPO)

"Bruce Haddon’s focus, enthusiasm, professionalism, wit, charm and sense of fun all greatly contributed to a most successful conference."

James Barron, Group Training Australia

"Before we worked with Tirian I was very reluctant and skeptical about using outside resources and consultants to help us with our business planning or team building. My past experience had left me underwhelmed with resource "expertise" and programs, so I looked at them largely as a waste of money and time. This changed with my first experience with Andrew and team.  They are a pleasure to work with and helped us produce amazing results."

Jon Niermann
President Electronic Arts (EA) Asia
TV Host Asia Uncut (Star TV)