What We Deliver, How We Deliver

Tirian's Techniques

Tirian transcends the boundaries of traditional corporate experience, providing a dynamic foundation for proactive organizational growth. We specialize in building competence for organizations at all levels. Our range of innovative learning programs and consulting services create positive intervening experiences that build platforms for open discovery and exploration of important issues. These experiences break down barriers. They drive individuals and teams to work toward structured outcomes and to achieve full potential in the organization.

What we deliver

Tirian focuses on personal and interpersonal development in the context of the organization. We are able to assist with rebalancing, realigning and refocusing leaders and teams.

Tirian's programs and services target:

  • Personal Development:
    Enhancing individual competence
  • Team Building:
    Promoting group synergy and improving team performance
  • Leadership Development:
    Enabling leadership task performance

Through each of these focus areas we are able to cover relevant topics such as: values/vision/mission clarification, behavior profiling, team development, leadership enhancement, creativity, change implementation, crisis management, workplace motivation, cross-cultural and virtual communication.

How we deliver

Tirian designs engaging change catalyst programs which integrate experiential learning simulation exercises, interactive workshop sessions and presentations, and facilitated consultation and discussions using Tirian’s unique and high impact 3D multi-dimensional system.

Tirian’s 3D range of programs and services to maximize learning include:

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What we achieve

Transformation at all levels is ensured through addressing:

  • ATTITUDE: The ways people feel
  • APPROACH: The ways people think
  • ACTION: The ways people behave.


All Tirian programs are intelligent in content and stimulating in approach. They are designed by educational professionals who know how to ensure specific outcomes are reached. By presenting the latest management research and theories through unusual themed concepts, Tirian creates powerful interventions with immediate and ongoing impact.

Tirian doesn't just provide training, Tirian also educates. We make the learning last !