Tirian's Approach

Tirian programs are ‘engaging and memorable experiences’

Tirian's programs involve the deliberate use of action events and facilitated reflection to bring about lasting learning outcomes. Tirian doesn't just provide simple fun experiences or straight skills training, we use creative educational techniques to facilitate positive change.

Quick facts of Tirian approach

Innovative content & methods:
We package knowledge in a creative way…
we don't just present it
Themed development journeys:
We use unique themed concepts to build stories… and provide a dramatic twist
Motivating & stimulating experiences:
Our programs are motivating and stimulating…
as well as intelligent
Quality focus:
We focus on customized quality…
not volume
People centred outcomes:
We are people focused…
not model centred
Unique connections:
We design our programs so the experiences are new and relevant…
we don’t imitate

We don't just present sterile information, we work hard to create an environment where people can explore the issues that they face, making our discussions relevant and engaging to individual situations. We aim to provide the stimulus to encourage the group to discover the answers – as no one knows your team better than you do.

Tirian sessions create 'buy in' opportunities for everyone

Did you know that 4 out of 5 managers fail to finish management books? Many managers are simply not accessing the information they need the most. Tirian’s seminars have been described by participants as so stimulating that participants leave the experience wanting more. We foster the desire to learn and grow and create 'buy in' opportunities for all participants.

We also ensure our information is as relevant and up-to-date as possible. In fact, we are so up to date that we often use examples from the day’s newspapers and TV programs to drive home important points. The world and the way we need to do business are changing fast, and most management books are dated by the time they have hit the bookshelves. It is therefore important to take a fresh contemporary perspective where possible, which is what Tirian provides.

Tirian programs achieve results

Through providing facilitated learning experiences directed at reaching specific outcomes, it is possible to achieve significant sustainable results.
Tirian’s programs achieve results through utilizing:

  • Unique Methods:
    Experiential learning techniques that are intelligent in content and stimulating in approach.
  • Quality Facilitation:
    A proactive guidance process that supports transformation.
  • Targeted Learning:
    Focused learning opportunities that are a dynamic catalyst for growth.