Unique Methods

Accelerated Experience

The experience of developing a team or leadership skills, takes time but usually you cant afford to wait that long. Tirian's “expanded reality interactive learning” rapidly imparts aptitude, and unlocks talents that would normally take years of on the job experience. Tirian's interactive experiences replicate workplace situations in a low risk / high participational environment, potentially replacing years of on the job experience.

The result are astounding:

  • Teams synergise better
  • Leaders gain the full support of their teams,
  • teams themselves become more energised because they see rapid results emerging from their new found aptitudes.

Success Through Simulation

In  most companies people are making more complex decisions in less time, with fewer resources and no margin for error. Being great requires something few people have -- opportunities to practice. Simulation is vital to success.

Musicians, actors and athletes wouldn't dream of performing without practicing. But how do business people practice? Mostly they encounter new situations, make mistakes and learn from what goes wrong. But learning from real mistakes gets expensive -- both for the company and the people who make them. Simulation creates a "virtual practice field" that allows people and teams to test assumptions and experiment with ideas without having to suffer financial reversals or career setbacks.

It is hoped that through Tirian's methods of input, "practice fields" or "virtual worlds" can be created that will enable participants to see more. Our interactive learning, deliberately exaggerates the demands inherit in organisational roles requiring extraordinary  levels of team interaction and rapid creative thinking. Yet these are conducted within the low risk high spontaneity environment of a simulation.

The Power of Experience

At Tirian we are able to design and deliver programs that can interest and involve people at all levels right through to the CEO, and everyone can equally benefit from the experiences created. This ability to connect with all individuals, along with a focus on measurable outcomes that will have an impact back in the company’s daily life and the offer of follow up, are some of the many reasons why these programs are fast becoming sought after.

Beyond the fun:

Common perceptions of team building often extend no further than simple activities and games. The key to more effective team building, however, is in designing and integrating activities that can be used as a vehicle to enhance group development, so that the group can more effectively process the experience and benefit from it.

Maximised experiences:

All Tirian programs take full advantage of any and all of the activities and use them as vehicles for experiential learning. Time is usually  included throughout the program, as required, for individual and group processing, reflection, and debriefing, considering both broad issues and specific issues related to the company's outcomes. Desired outcomes can be drawn out of the activities, and can be as light or in depth as required by the client, within the parameters of the activity. Tirian can work with the Training Development Coordinator to ensure that a lasting and maximum impact can be achieved that can be implemented back into the company upon returning to the workplace. Tirian's role at a conference will be to both maximise the conference experience and improve performance at both the individual and group levels in the regular work environment.

All activities are designed to mentally (and physically) challenge participants within the range of their abilities, helping to challenge the current limits to their behaviours and actions without pushing them beyond their capabilities. The feelings of trust, cooperation and mutual respect which develop are a natural by-product of these challenges, rather than being the direct aim of these challenges.