Quality Facilitating

A great opportunity

Training should always be an important part of any company wishing to offer the latest innovations and the best quality, as well as those desiring continued market growth.

Healthy companies radiate positive enthusiasm and energy from their personnel. These companies have a willingness to overcome any apparent obstacles that lie in the way of them achieving their goals. They are successful because they are always moving forward, and relevant targeted educational experiences can be the dynamic catalyst for this growth.

Inadequate communication skills can impede progress, and can keep a company from breaking through and achieving peak performance. Communication skills can be poor through a lack of awareness, inadequate exposure to positive communication models, or low morale. Everyone can reach their full potential as long as they are willing to learn, and appropriate training programs can bring out the best in the employees and their company.

Dynamic Training Programs

All Tirian programs utilise dynamic training strategies and ensure measurable results. They are designed to inspire and motivate the participants, giving them a new sense of confidence and helping them to refocus. Practical and experientially based, they ensure what has been learnt is integrated into participants' personal lives as well as in their work environment.

By choosing several workshops related to a theme based on desired outcomes, we can integrate the learning activities to ensure the individual components flow together to provide a powerful learning experience. The focus can be on team building, team learning or communication skills.

Tirian is also able to combine workshops, presentations, facilitation, consultation and adventure/cultural based experiential learning activities in a tailor made program. They can create an ideal program for your company.