Tirian Comparison

Apples to Apples...

We want you to have the best and most suitable program possible. If you are having trouble choosing a company for your program and are looking at comparing Tirian to other companies please consider the following:

Are your facilitators experienced?

All Tirian facilitators have a wealth of corporate experience and or an educational /academic background. Our facilitators are hand picked and bring with them their own experience and are trained by Tirian. We are only prepared to grow as a company at the rate at which we can find good facilitators.

Do you really understand the term Experiential Learning?

Although cheaper in terms of paid out money, we believe that games for the sake of it (often perceived as childish) are not a good use of a companies resources and participants' time. Experiential learning is a skill both in design and delivery that engages every participant and helps them internalize their learning so they can act on it.

Can the learning's be applied back at the workplace?

Programs and sessions must be designed to be relevant and internalized in a way that the learning's can be used in the workplace.

Do you intrinsically understand the value of the learning experience?

At Tirian we design all our own programs. By designing our own programs we understand the content and how it applies to the workplace.

Do you understand the local culture?

Tirian facilitators have worked in over 20 courtiers to more than 30 different nationalities. We understand both 'East' and 'West' cultures and area able to use examples from the local cultures we are working in. In a mixed team (example Asia Pacific) of multi speaking participants where English may be a second language our facilitators can work with small countries groups to help them understand the content. Our facilitators are fluent in English, Chinese, Bahasa and Greek.

Can you engage the cynic and motivate all participants with stimulating content and engaging methods?

Its easy to convince and motivate the 'convert' but in most cases what holds back a team are the cynics. These are the hardest but most important people to motivate in a session. A poor facilitator may not be able to reach this type of person and polarize the team in the process.

To what degree does your pricing reflect your program content?

Tirian does not do mass programs. We hand pick a limited number of clients each month that we will work with to ensure that each client gets personalized and exceptional service. Tirian is large enough to be able to offer a international standard program but we keep our overheads as low as possible to ensure we hand on the value to the client.

Have you been established long enough to be able to deliver what you promise?

Tirian has been established in Australia since 1990 and in Asia since 1997. We now have teams/representation in most major hubs in the region. We like to work in teams when presenting ensuring that the team dynamic we have will be able to reach all participants, and should illness occur, our team is well positioned to continue to cover the event.

Why are programs with the Directors (Andrew and Gaia Grant) more expensive that other companies who
offer their directors?

Andrew and Gaia Grant are know internationally for their creative ideas and quality of their unique programs. They are in high demand round the world as keynote speakers and facilitators as well as consulting about education to other companies. They have written several books on education and have been interviewed in the media including the Asian Wall Street Journal, BBC, ABC-TV and the Australian Financial Review. They spend much of their time now writing and designing new programs.

What is your core business?

Tirian's core business is to develop leaders and their teams which we do through experiential learning, business simulations, seminars and keynote talks. This is all we do and we do it well. We are not an agency, event organizer, consultancy firm or entertainment company.

Where Tirian Shines...
"Our Executive Programs"
"More generic companies"
Companies that have already done basic team building, and are after something unique and creative Companies that are doing team building for the first time
Customization to meet intended outcomes Little customization
Creative unique programs. Themed to impact Basic initiative activities
Would like the option of choosing specified and specialized facilitators and presenters Do not need a specific or specialist team of presenters or facilitators
Greatest parameters are outcomes Greatest parameter is budget
Group varies from junior to executives (with the odd cynic or VIP) Junior group and who's main goal is for group fun (no VIPs)
High expectations with matching desired outcomes Expectations are fun and team work during the activity
Local and international markets Local market - family days ect
Activities are a tool to achieve an outcome. (Experiential based learning) Activities are an end in themselves
Option of integrating recreational activities into educational , keynote talks and seminars, to contribute to the outcomes. Stand alone programs
Optional pre and post assessment / feedback to match program to outcomes and with target learning's to develop teams One off - no need for any pre understanding,follow up or evaluation
Bottom line:
to develop people and processes to improve organizational effectiveness
Bottom Line:
to give people a fun and meaningful time.
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