Team Building in Bali by Tirian

Experience all of Tirian's team building programs in unique and beautiful places throughout Bali

There is no better place than in Bali to do corporate team building. By personally experiencing the exotic sights and sounds, auras and aromas, tastes and textures of Bali, many people are now learning the true meaning of paradise... and having a heap of fun in the process.

In 1996 Tirian introduced an exciting new range of unique and creative conference programs to Bali, including some unique team building sessions. These programs all encourage visitors to be much more than guests on the "island of the gods", they allow for a full immersion into this unique culture. The power and mystique of this traditional way of life are drawn on to ensure conference and incentive groups take away a much deeper appreciation of Balinese culture and, simultaneously, a much deeper appreciation of themselves and their group. And true to Tirian's motto, "Justified Fun", all experiences are both motivating and challenging.

Team Building Bali style requires local knowledge and we have it all, experience our signature Bali's team building program "Village Celebration" or "The Ramayana Rescue". Being based here for many years we know all there is to know about team building activities in Bali, and have designed many unique experiences, exclusive to Tirian for groups that have "seen it all before.".

Bali has always been an exotic location for meeting and incentive groups, but now this tropical destination can offer a comprehensive range of services for group booking clients. Team building programs, especially designed for groups in Bali, have a powerful impact and a delightful local flavour.

A promo video taken from Tirian's own "The Ramayana Rescue" team building program held in Bali

Tirian CEO Andrew Grant says, "Bali, as many people know, has everything a company like ours could want: great resorts, a beautiful landscape and a colourful culture. Having spent many years there we now have the chance to help others get the most out of their stay. By taking advantage of the natural beauty, we are able to run programs that are rich and diverse. By integrating the fascinating culture into our programs, we are able to give participants a chance to experience other ways of thinking and relating. In combination, these features blend to form programs that we believe would be hard to match."