About Us

Tirian’s driving vision mission and values - that creates our unique brand

We are the original designers of interactive learning experiences which build innovative cultures, future leaders and high performing teams.

We help leaders and teams to reflect on and find real solutions to business needs offering a risk-free high impact audience engagement.
We create positive intervening experiences through innovative simulations and engaging facilitation which break down barriers and provide unique leadership and team development opportunities and outcomes.
At the core of our programs is a method designed to involve the deliberate use of authentic experiences and facilitated reflection to create a lasting impact.
  • Our corporate experience ensures what we present is actionable
  • Our academic research provides original validated content
  • Our dedication to sound educational methods ensures it’s memorable & measurable
  • Our published books, papers, and client list support us as recognised international thought leaders.

Tirian specialises in organization transformation through strategic innovation.

Tirian services international clients with regional hubs & representative offices, and teams in Asia Pacific (including Singapore, Indonesia, HK and Australia) which service the full region. Tirian also has licensed delivery partners in China, India, the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

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Intelligent in Content and Stimulating in Approach

We help leaders and teams to reflect on and find real solutions to their business issues. Through innovative simulations & engaging facilitation, we create positive intervening experiences which break down barriers and provide unique leadership and team development opportunities and outcomes.

  • Tirian's programs involve the deliberate use of authentic experiences and facilitated reflection to create a lasting impact.
  • Tirian designs both creative & original high-quality interventions and resources - to empower individuals and promote constructive organizational growth.
  • Tirian doesn't just provide clients with one extreme of light fun experiences or the other extreme of straight dry skills training, we introduce stimulating educational processes that lead to real transformation.
  • Chose from our specially designed interventions, or our readymade solutions. Allow us to facilitate, or licence - training you up to implement.
  • Short term Interventions:
    Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops, & Team building /conferences & events.
  • Long term interventions:
    Culture change, Leadership Development, Critical Thinking, Ideation and Innovation programs.
  • Integrated interventions:
    Tailored solutions, Coaching, Design, Design Thinking, Facilitation & Train the trainer / Licensing. 

About Tirian

Tirian is a leading international organizational learning and development consulting company. Tirian specializes in organization innovation and transformation through strategic innovative leadership and team development. The company produces original high quality and engaging workshop and seminar programs, keynote presentations and individual resources to provide tools and strategies for individual and organizational change. Tirian also offers a range of integrated coaching and consulting services to ensure effective implementation over the long term.

About Our Company

Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant

Tirian was established in Australia in 1988 by Andrew Grant and Gaia Grant, a dynamic partnership team with a passion for finding motivating ways to increase individual and group awareness and promote positive relationships. Under Andrew and Gaia's direction, the company has expanded internationally to include Asia Pacific, the US, the Middle East and Europe. Tirian has now worked with over thirty cultures in more than twenty countries.

The Tirian associate team is a highly focused and flexible network of organizational development professionals positioned in eight countries and able to travel throughout these regions. Each Tirian consultant possesses a valuable area of expertise as well as engaging interactive presentation and facilitation skills, which ensures our ability to provide the best possible professional services to meet each client's needs.

Tirian has now built up a distinguished clientele with organizations in a broad range of industries internationally including top Fortune 500 companies investing in over 10,000 hours with more than 10,000 client participants who have now benefited from Tirian programs.

The company has established a distinct competitive edge in unique targeted programs designed to meet individual client's needs. We have demonstrated our ability to offer consistent, reliable and high-quality services with a solid client base. By combining a contemporary global perspective with an engaging personal approach, Tirian transforms theory into practice in a dynamic way.

Through the constant development of new ideas, Tirian is being recognized for taking a proactive stance in building an organizational culture to equip organizations to most effectively cope with change. We continuously update and enhance our programs to ensure they are relevant for contemporary organization in a changing multicultural environment.

What we offer (in a nutshell)

  • Specialized consulting services from a network of experienced organizational development professionals
  • Original and totally unique concepts, resources and learning methods
  • A combination of the latest management ideas and theories and tested tools
  • Targeted programs designed to meet individual client needs
  • An international reputation for excellence
  • A strong established client base with top Fortune 500 multinational companies
  • Experience with over 20 different cultures in over 30 different countries
  • Representative offices throughout Asia as well as in Europe and the Middle East

Products & Resources

Tirian also offers a wide range of original products and resources to support learning outcomes, including:

  • Books written by the Tirian team
  • Action resources (such as posters, postcards, calendars, card sets etc).
  • Themed action accessories (including logo t-shirts, hats, mousepads, business card holders etc).
  • Snack PAK© self-facilitation program kits (themed packages designed to reach specific outcomes).

Fully licensed program packages and internal train-the-trainer opportunities with Tirian are also available. Please visit Licensing & Partnership Options.

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