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Thank you for enquiring about Tirian's programs. 

In order to streamline this process we have indexed the following pages for your information. There are no links to these pages from our website and  they are not intended for public viewing. We ask that you respect the confidential nature of the information on these pages.
All pages are to act as a guide only and are subject to change at any time. Please email us for a specific version and if the doc you are trying to open is password protected.


Initial enquiry 

  1. Visit our website to see what we can offer
  2. Download for your team/leader to review: - Tirian intro letter  PDF - Full program summary outline PDF
  3. FAQs
  4. Power Point slide show
  5. Why Tirian - our USP
  6. Designing the best Program - things to consider
  7. Initial Questionnaire
  8. Assessment process options
  9. Levels of facilitation and production available
  10. Sample integrated modules (with deliverables for specific team situations)
  11. Sample Video and power point downloads
  12. Running a promotional public seminar in your region  & Seminar htm sample - Unlocking Creativity
  13. Tirian presenters facilitators list

Video and power point downloads

Team Positioning System (debrief tool)

Need more details

  1. Booking Form
  2. Room set ups
  3. Needs Analysis Form
  4. TERMS & CONDITIONS for engagement
  5. Tirian FAQs for conference organisers
  6. Travel policy details
  7. Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk  pdf file
  8. Risk Management 

Pre program and PR

  1. Logo guidelines
  2. Additional photos and biographies for brochures
    Andrew Grant , Gaia Grant   Bruce Haddon
  3. High Res photos for Media

Follow up

  1. Organiser Feedback
  2. Follow up
  3. Snack PAKs (if you are a team leader who has been on one of our programs, and would like to present some Tirian material to your team Tirian's Snack PAKs are perfect for this.)

The more information you can give about your specific needs the more efficiently we can design a program for you.

E-MAIL US NOW at with your questions and we can send you a brief outline. 

Please note that in order to give our confirmed clients the service they deserve at a cost effective price, finer planning and designing, programming, pricing or details may only  be available upon receipt of a 25% deposit or at an hourly design fee.                              

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